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    Hi, I'm currently in LAGCC's RN program. I remember at orientation two years ago, they mentioned they do accept applicants that have failed out of other CUNY nursing programs. But I am not sure if this policy still stands presently. You should try calling the nursing department to get the most updated info. However, I'm pretty sure the nursing credits you've already taken at Hunter won't be accepted and you would have to follow the curriculum in our program (pretty sure this is universal for any nursing programs).

    It's true that the program is competitive and everyone who was accepted into the program in my cohort had 4.0 or something close to that for pre-reqs. One nice thing about this school though is that you get to decide which credits you would like to transfer over, and you need to tell the transfer adviser because I think it's only a one time deal. So I do recommend not transferring those A&P grades and just retaking it at our school. The B for AP2 is still considered low to be competitive, so I suggest retaking it. You can hold off on retaking statistics until your first semester in the RN program (it can be a co-req) because the original B in statistic would otherwise be factored into your GPA. There's also the TEAS entrance exam too for LAGCC and it's another major deciding factor for the program's admission. There's a minimal score you have to get, but applicants are ranked by their percentile and chosen based on that.

    So basically call the department to confirm if they still accept students from other CUNY programs and don't transfer over the AP and Stat classes. Just retake those in LAGCC. I wish you luck!

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    Hello everyone!

    I'm a long term lurker but I finally made an account. This is my final semester of nursing school and it might be a redundant topic because I had read several other ADN-based forums to know that the job market isn't that great right now in New York City (which is where I am from), but I was hoping to get more insight on my other choices aside from the usual hospital/nursing home jobs that perhaps would be less competitive and I can more easily get hired. Unfortunately I cannot relocate due to family issues, but I am not particularly picky about where I end up for my first job (even if it's on a psych floor). Currently I can't drive right now, and I am dependent on public transport. But I will be learning over the summer and hopefully buy a car with my first few RN paychecks to make commuting more easier.

    I know doing internships and volunteer work is a particularly popular way to get your foot in the door, but I cannot quit my current job right now so most of my time is used up by work and school.

    I also had a prior bachelor in biology and my goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner. Basically my plan was to find a job asap after NCLEX, gain clinical experience, and work full time while taking online classes for my BSN (I'm trying to find a program that accepts most of my credits from my previous degree and is also fast too. Currently I am leaning to Chamberlain even though it's super expensive).

    So basically what I am asking for is suggestions for types of places to apply to where they might be more willing to accept a newly graduated, no experienced ADN outside of the usual hospital and nursing home setting (I would be enrolled in a BSN program by then), and where I can gain good clinical experience to put on my resume for NP school/future jobs.

    (If anyone has any fast BSN programs to suggest, that's welcome too!)

    Thank you so much!