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    Joining this thread after a recent experience. I needed to catheterise a young man who is EOL with brain mets who had no control over his body's automatic response. He had repeated erections during the procedure and i found that made it difficult firstly to catheterise (because his body was changing so i couldn't very well tell if it had kinked or I'd got to the prostate because i didn't know if the resistance was due to that or the erection) and also no urine was draining. I was sure it was fitted correctly and thought the urethra may be constricted hence preventing urine flow. In the end we performed a gentle bladder washout and got urine back so inflated the catheter balloon but i feel like i still need clarification on this topic should i experience it again.

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    I have a question. During all the heartache and horrible events that are happening in the UK and the world right now, if a major incident happened in another city would I be allowed to go and volunteer at another hospital? Say something happened would I as a nurse be able to jump in my car and go help out or would legislation get in the way? Not sure if anyone knows the answer and of course I could ring the relative hospitals at the time. Just wondered if it were a possibility as would like to be helpful wherever possible. I know locally nurses go to their hospitals and help in major incidents but I wasn't sure if that only applies to people that work in that area/trust normally. Thanks.