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    I believe May 4th. Let me check.

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    Got accepted! (Dallas trad program)

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    Sigh I really hope it's today.

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    Anyone get anything?

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    Can 4 or 5 hurry? The anxiety is real

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    I can't believe today's the day! So so anxious.

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    Nooo. I hope it's before my birthday

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    I heard from someone it was the16th. But I was gonna email Mrs.Close to make sure.

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    I really hope we find out next week.

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    Quote from Rach216
    I applied to TWU Dallas traditional last year and was not accepted. I am applying this year to TWU Houston traditional. I am hoping to get accepted this time around! Here are my stats.

    Nursing Core GPA: 3.84
    Prereq GPA: 3.81
    TEAS Composite: 87.3
    Reading: 85.1
    Math: 93.8
    Science: 87.2
    English: 75.0
    Admission Score: 45.17

    No TWU or prior Bachelor's bumps
    What were your stats when you applied to Dallas last year, if you don't mind?

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    Congrats to everyone that got accepted into the weekend program. Can't wait for feedback on the traditional program! So nervous.

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    Is anyone going to the info session?

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    Quote from FutRNJ
    So while we wait for mid March to get here, lets pass the time. What are your career goals with nursing. Ill start off, after I finish my BSN at TWU I plan of working in critical care for 2 years then look into a advance nursing degree. I plan on getting my DNP in CRNA. I want to both work in a hospital setting and possibly teach. I have wrote out a 10 year plan. What are some of you all goals?
    Wow, great plan! CRNA is a great field. For me, I hope to get my BSN and work with it for some time (still deciding the specialization). Then I plan to get my MSN and work as a family nurse practitioner. My ultimate goal is to become a nurse educator, either for diabetes or stroke.

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    Quote from avnurse123
    Hey everyone! I applied to the Dallas Traditional BSN program.

    Here are my stats based on the worksheet:

    Nursing Core GPA: 3.536
    Pre-req GPA: 3.484
    TEAS Overall Score: 96.7
    Prior bachelors bump

    My total points came out to 62.85 on the worksheet.

    My GPAs are definitely below average, but i know my TEAS score was above average. Is anyone else in the same boat or know if this will balance out and hopefully result in admittance? Hoping for the best for all of you!
    Girl, you're good. Great score on the TEAs. My total is 60.5, and the advisor told me it was competitive. Anxious! Good luck

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    Does anyone know the lowest number of points that was admitted to the Dallas trad. program last fall?