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    Cool. Nursing is a second career for me(7 years in) so I'm not offended by doing other sorts of work. I've caddied at golf courses, picked up dog poop and the most humbling of all, been a pharmaceutical sales rep. So I'm good to go with anything they ask.

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    Sideshow, I just applied yesterday. I'm as new as you and looking for information as well.

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    Yes, I have volunteered recently myself and am interested in hearing others experience. Basically I'm tagging myself on this to hear the responses. Thanks.

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    Hi, I signed up as a volunteer with the Red Cross yesterday and got the email back regarding passing their background check. I am really hoping to hear back from them and be allowed to go on atleast 1 of their 9 day commitments. Nursing has been great to me and my family financially and with free time. I would like to start giving back. I have ER experience and currently am the Assistant Manager(I run the night shift) of an ER Obs unit. I'd be willing to work outside of nursing if that is what the Red Cross needed.

    I know it will be a process but do you have any experience with how long it takes for new volunteers to get up and running with them? I'm really looking to be a part of something bigger than myself for the long term. Being a part of a team with the Red Cross sounds awesome.