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    I was told clinicals were 2 days a week and consecutive shifts of 12 hours. Is that not how it works ?

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    Thanks for the input, JLoveOB. I am wondering - if your clinicals were during the week, were they at least on the same consecutive days ?

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    I am interested in the online BSN program at UTA. My situation is a bit unique. Im a single mom who works from home and I homeschool my children. My intent is to continue to do that(homeschool, not work from home anymore) even after I begin working as the flexibility of options for nurse would allow me to do so. I was an LVN in California for 13 years but it's been 10 years since Ive worked outside the home. I did my pre-requisites to finish my RN there but never completed that since I stopped to have kids.

    The only way I could pull this off is if I am guaranteed weekend clinicals. The advisor on the phone told me yesterday it could be during the week or on weekends, but being a single mom, weekends are better for me to have someone take care of my kids while I do clinicals. My ex is not exactly stellar in being present for his kids so his involvement and commitment to taking them at all is pretty much not there which means I would have to arrange care for them. Does anyone here know if they are pretty accommodating to weekend clinicals given the circumstances ?

    I also will have to apply for financial aid. They said to apply at the same time I apply to the program. Did anyone here use financial aid and was it enough to cover tuition and living expenses ? I will have to quit one of my jobs in order to give the program it's full attention.

    Thanks !