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    Hi, I am planning on taking motivation and leadership class. How was the class? Can I take 2 classes at the same time. I am enrolled for capstone and I just wanted to get over with it and take 2 classes at once. Thanks

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    Hi, I need to take 3 credit course just to meet 32 credit requirements by Chamberlain. Any suggestions? Please help. I need an easy class.Thanks a lot.

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    Hi Everyone!
    Maybe somebody had that issue before, so I hope my case is not hopeless .I passed NCLEX-RN March 3rd 2006.I obtained unofficial results and few days later by mail official.I was told in the center where I went for the exam that I will be waiting for the licence up to 4 weeks. So I waited until I saw that my classmates who took test after me were obtaining their licences. So I called New York State Board and I was told wait, your licence is still processing. After another week I called again and ...big surprise. I was told that my educational record is incomplete(!!!!)(I sent it ), that there is no record of my NCLEX!!!(then I really panicked). I was put on hold and after 10 min my record miracuosly was found.(relief).Then my status, the rep told me that I have to send copy of my visa.I said I filled in the application for licence that I hold F1 visa(it is not required to attach copy of it).Then she said if you want to get your licence you have to submit your educational record and copy of your visa( I said I have OPT, she asked me what is it).Now I am waiting another week for the form(educational record).....
    Maybe anyone faced that issue before?From my friends I have never heard that State Board of Nursing verifies your status.
    I am confused:angryfire , pls help me

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    Quote from suzanne4
    You will need a full-time contract to be sponsored, at least for most facilities. Plus you can develop your skills the best that way. And you will not find per diem work as a new grad, if you do, run as fast as you can from them. You do not have the skills ywet just to be able to jump into an assisgnment or work on a unit that you are not familiar with, and to do so would only be jeapordizing your license that you worked too hard to get.

    You are much better off with direct hire, or thru an agency that is just the middleman between you and the facility. But definitely do not go the route where you belong to the agency.

    Read some of the horror stories posted below.
    Thank you Susanne for your reply.
    Now I another issue that I would like to ask you for your opinion.
    As I mentioned before I have OPT which is valid for the 1 year.Since I graduated in December 2005 from US nursing school I have 60 days window period to start working. As of now I did not receive confirmation letter from NYS Educational Department to schedule NCLEX.I hope it will happen soon, but still my deadline is coming in the middle of February and I can not find facility which would hire me without a licence on my hand.The only offer that I received was from the agency to work with limited permit-LPN .Should I go for it and after I pass NCLEX I would be able to make a transition to RN?If not, and I will not accept the LPN position can I lose my OPT?I am afraid to sign the contract for LPN and then I can be hold by the agency and what woud happen to my legal status?
    Thanks for your help in this matter,

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    Thank you for your advice Susan.
    What do you think about going with an agency so they can guide the sponsorship process.However , as you said before the employer should offer prevailing wages, so if they cut your salary then how they can prove to USCIS that they pay you as mich as for native RN?What about working part time for per diem? Can I be sponsored as well?
    Thanks, Kasia35

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    Hi Susane!
    I just found out about this forum recently from my friend.The info you provide is very helpfull,thank you for your involvment and detailed responces.
    I graduated from US nursing school (NYC)in December.I am F1 student and I hold OPT which ends January 2007. I haven't been working so far but I activelly search for a job.I have prospective employer and your explanations are very usefull.
    However, I have other issues that I would like you to ask you.As a mentioned I hold F1 visa and my husband who stays with me is my dependant.My last I20 expired in December but I have OPT. My husban's F2 expired in December as well and my school claims that he does not need do anything and as long as I have OPT he is legally with me for duration of my OPT. Problems started when he wanted to renew his drivers licence(which expired in December also) and then we were told in DMV that he is out of status because he does not have valid I20 with his name on it. The copy of my I20 expired on December also.I called USCIS and I was told he is out of status and he should apply for adjustment of status at the same time I apllied for OPT. My school claims that is not necessary because his status has not changed and he still is F2 .Moreover, they claim that there is no such a form(I20) to issue for him for the remaining year(of my OPT).As you see, through the licence renewal we found out that something is wrong with his legal status.
    Could you please tell me what is your opinion in this issue.
    Thank you for your time.