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    WOW.....I can't believe some of the outrageously high nurse to patient ratios!!!! I work on a med-surg unit with an average of 5 patients per nurse and usually no more than 6 per nurse (that's with one aide per nurse also). Our hospital has undergone many structural and staffing changes in the past 5 years which has brought our patient ratio down from 8-9 per nurse to 5-6. I feel very lucky after reading some of the other posts tonight. We used to run our floor with 2 charge nurses to help the nurses, check charts and do admissions, but now have one charge nurse, which significantly lowered the nurse to patient ratio. And I know most days I'm very busy with just five patients, depending on the acuity level......ALL the respect in the world to those very overworked nurses expected to give care to too many patients at one time. It can't be very rewarding to not be able to give the amount of care that your patients deserve.