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    Hi! I'm moving to Philly for Nursing School in August or September 2006. I'm wondering if any other nursing students on here are moving to Philly and want to talk about housing? I'm thinking of finding one roommate and living somewhere semi-nice (around $600/month). The areas I'm looking in are University City, Rittenhouse etc. I'd like to live with someone non-traditional who has a few years under their belt (I'm 29). Someone who isn't looking for a new best friend, and likes their living space to be quiet-ish. I'm not anti-conversation or TV, music etc just anti-kegger on Tuesday night. I'd love to hear from anyone who is interested in a similar situation.

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    I was accepted to the Traditional program at Johns Hopkins for Fall 2006. Is anyone else on here going? I'm freaking out about financial aid (I'm currently working full-time and will be quitting my job and moving.) They said it would be available in the beginning of April... but the deposit is due February 20th! Does anyone have any advice? What happens if you get a $23k bill and they only offer you 10k in loans? Is it stupid to turn down other schools that have told you about Financial Aid and you know you can afford?

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    I was accepted to the Traditional Program. I kinda can't believe I have to make a decision without my Financial Aid info. Has anyone else gotten the financial information? I was told we would hear about scholarships "mid march" which is a month after the deposit is due! I really want to attend Hopkins, but I'm not sure I can without knowing how I am going to pay for it!

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    Hello! This is my first time posting, but I've been lurking for awhile. I've recently been accepted to two nursing programs. One was my "safe school" where the program is "ok" and the program is about half the price as the other. The other was a well-known school with great facilities, research etc. but, costs enough money to make me freaked out. I want to go to the well-known one because I feel like there will be more opportunity. But, does it really matter? I eventually want to go on and get my Masters... but part of me is wondering should I just get my BSN somewhere that isn't going to set me back, or just bite the bullet and shell out the big bucks?
    Does anyone know if it matters, or do they just want you to get a solid education and pass the nclex. Thank You for any advice you can give me!