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    As an old diploma RN (30 +years), I am very saddened with the way we have been treated. As far as I am concerned, diploma programs were the best for teaching bedside care which included physical, social, psychological etc. And we wrote papers up the you know what!! 20-30 page care plans (2 per week) with a large requirement of references.
    I have worked in Pediatrics most of my career from inpatient to ambulatory settings to Private offices. My doctors have loved my experience and care and did not ask about my degree. I listen to PNP around me with 5 years of experience and they do not have 1/2 the knowledge I have learned from experience.
    I will soon complete a BA in Health Management. Mainly, because I am so close and want to accomplish it. The reason it is not a BSN is this:
    If we are so short of nurses and they want us all to have a BSN, then why are diploma nurses not allowed into the programs without retaking most of our subjects? My instructors were from a 4 year college and a few had PHD's in Nursing, yet they look at my transcripts like they are Greek!!

    This is one of the biggest problems in Nursing. Administrative Nurses and Colleges not acknowledging diploma nurses' training or experience.


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    Hello, I am a diploma nurse with 33 years of many facets of Pediatric Nursing. I am currently a Pediatric Plastic Surgery Nurse Coordinator.