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    I have ALWAYS been interested in NICU nursing. In fact, that is why I became a nurse to begin with! I graduated back in 1994 in Canada and moved to the US over 9 years ago. I have been working in maternal nursing Newborn/mother-baby and really want to move towards NICU. I just recently had to take my NCLEX again (long story with immigration laws and visas) but now I feel as that if I can do THAT again after 12 years I CAN do this! Does anyone know of any online courses or certification course I could take? I can't seem to find anything! I know a lot is learned directly on the job but it would be nice to have a certification course behind me! I am looking for something online with maybe some clinical hours at a local hospital. However, if anyone knows of any options open in North Carolina (Charlotte) area I would really appreciate the information!!
    Thanks so much!

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    I know this may be a crazy question but...
    For those of you who were not successful the first time and then took the NCLEX again and passed, where your surveys at the end of the exam different?
    I took the NCLEX back in December and at the end of the exam I got a survey of questions in regards to the exam, ease of finding Pearson center, staff ect...
    The second time I took it, I got the same survey but before these questions were asked, I had a couple of statements I had to agree to- like: I will not share any test questions on the internet... I understand that I could get
    taken away if I disclose answers to NCLEX...
    Did anyone have different surveys like this? Or is this just a new process they are following this year?

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    DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!!
    It is a total waste of money and time!!!!

    I would suggest buying the mosby's illustrated guide to the NCLEX. The new addition in color just came out in March. It is awesome. It goes over all the IMPORTANT things to know and some very very good stategies.

    Good luck!

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    For anyone who has used this...
    do you know what the consistant difficulty level achieved score means??
    They give you a number but I can't find anywhere where they explain this number!!!!
    Also, how do they come up with your probability of passing?
    This is so confusing
    Thanks for any input!

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    Does anyone have any thoughts on this book? Have you used it? Was it helpful? How does it compare to the Saunders Comprehensive book? Is it worth buying?

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    I ordered this too, but it's VERY difficult to get the test-id that they said would be emailed to me. I have yet to receive it!! It's frustrating because I will call customer service and they refer me to technical support. Technical support is rude and they didn't help me! I then called customer service back and they told me to call online support. Well I have called them and have been on hold for over 45 mins one time and another 30 mins. just now! :angryfire
    Anyone have any suggestions??? I am getting frustrated!
    I want to get started with this program.