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    Quote from Lucky0220
    Hi Ivy! I sent you a PM, but you need to have 15 posts before you can read it or respond, I think.
    I might be wrong but I think people under 15 posts can read the PM sent but can't respond until they get above the 15 post limit.

    Hope this helps.

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    Maybe a stupid question but why doesn't some of the staff carry concealed??

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    Melanie, community college is a great way to set you on your path to where you want to go, University is great but at least here in Canada most of the people I know and meet all start with community college and some continue after that to University but I can tell you that I would rather be going to a small university then one of the big ones because I feel that what the big ones has to show is just a name, a small university can be just as good if not even better sometimes then a big name one because it is more like a familial setting and normally doesn't have people who walks around in their big name university with their noses in the air and a broomstick up their a** as some do because they go to a big name university, not everybody who go to a big name university is like that but you will find a lot of them there.

    I am not yet in nursing school, in fact it will possibly be years before I am even in there because I am in a similar situation as you.

    I am disabled with Tourette's Syndrome and ADHD and Learning Disabilities, I was put into a "special school" in Sweden where I was born which had a small class because the government couldn't assist me with my educational needs and I graduated from the school with the swedish equivalent to a GPA score of 1.7, both my parents are mentally ill but refuse to accept it and seek help for it, I am now living in Canada and I have to redo ALL of my High School education because back in Sweden I wasn't taught very much and I want to learn what I was supposed to have learned but was never allowed to and after I graduate from Adult High School as I am 30 yrs old now I am gonna attend Community College because it is a great step to go to start learning for a career, as I said before University is great but I think Community College is the most important first step we can take because it is more close knit and if you are like me with a crappy educational background and disabilities or just not good grades then Community College is a great first step and after you finish Community College if you decide for instance that you want to become a Nurse then after you pass your board exam you can immediately start working and later on if you want then you can go back to school and go to University for your Bachelors Degree, I have the possibility to go to University right now as a mature student and I told the University thanks but no thanks, I first want to go to Community College and learn the basics and learn from the bottom up because I learn a lot better by doing then by reading or sitting in a class just watching the teacher write on a blackboard though that is also important.

    I guess what I am trying to say Melanie is that people you know might have gone to University but for most the first stepping stone to a good education starts at the Community College and it is my honest opinion that everybody should have to start with Community College and then after that go on to University because there is a lot that Community College has to offer that Universities doesn't always do.

    I am sorry for the very long post but sometimes my brain turns into mush and I have a hard time trying to get through what I want to explain, I hope though that you will check out the Community Colleges in your area and see all the great stuff that they have to offer and amazing classes.

    This might sound crazy but in Toronto, Ontario there is a Community College that has an Aeronautical program where they teach people who either just want to learn how to fly or who want to become airline pilots, now tell me what University does that?? =oP

    Hope that everything goes well with you and your education and if you ever want to talk or just need a shoulder to lean on then just message me. =o)

    Good luck and God Bless.


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    I am not a nurse but I have lived and worked in the medical field for a long time as a doctors "assistant" for my dad who is an MD and also doing research for him at the medical library where my life was nothing but medical literature so here is my thoughts on the matter and I will tell you some things about myself too.

    I have the same feeling as you about the Med School vs Nursing School and my thoughts would be for you to go for the BSN and do your biology courses during the summer because to me anyway it sounds like nursing is where your heart is and Nursing Practitioners actually do some diagnosis work and they are also allowed to order some tests so being an NP you are in the middle road of being a nurse and being a doctor, you are also very young so if you do your BSN and decided that nursing wasn't for you then you will have your biology courses done and could continue on to medical school, I believe that with your biology courses you might be able to get credits for the courses you have already taken so you would possibly be done sooner or not have as many courses to study then if you were coming to nursing school totally fresh.

    I am disabled with Tourette's Syndrome and ADHD, I was put into "special schools" in my home country of Sweden because they couldn't assist me with my education needs and now that I am living in Canada I have decided that I have to redo all of my High School education and I am turning 30, I am a lot like you though, I thirst for knowledge so I have decided to as I said before redo my whole High School education to learn what I was supposed to back in Sweden and then apply to Nursing School and also Respiratory Therapist School at Community College and then at University for my fast-track BSN degree and then I am planning on also doing my degree for RT and when that is done I am gonna do a online Masters Degree to become an NP and after all that I am also contemplating on going to Med School too, I can assure you that I am not a nutcase, I will possibly be in school for the next 20 yrs but I do all this because I love to learn and I want to be able to study and do anything and everything that I can learn.

    My friends call me The Samaritan from the bible story about the merciful samaritan so I have a feeling that I will become a good Nurse but if I feel that it isn't something I enjoy in the long run then I have also my Respiratory Therapist degree to fall back on and if I don't enjoy that then I can always work as a doctor in North America or in Europe.

    One thing I don't understand though which maybe you can help me with, why is it that when people are 20 yrs old and about to study or are studying at University that they want to focus on something immediately, maybe that is prevalent here in North America, that young people decided on a job and focus everything on that job and how to gain it, I am of the belief that if you love several different things then study all of them and don't let anything hold you back.

    As I stated before, I have also wrestled with the Nursing vs Medicine question and my decision is that I will do both because I love to learn and also because medicine is in my blood, so my advise to you is to get your BSN and during the summers work to get your Biology degree too because you can never have too much knowledge.

    I hope everything goes you well and I also hope that you will continue to post in here and let us know how everything is going and what you decided on but most of all, ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR HEART!!!!! =o)

    Good luck and God Bless.


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    I am not yet into nursing but I will give my two cents anyway.

    I am pro-choice.

    Now that we have got that out of the way I would like to know, does the law state from what week the U/S has to be done or is it from conception??

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    Well I know I am waay late and I doubt my submission will even be considered but what about RoboDoc, Makes you think about RoboCop in a in a more medical surrounding. =o)

    Let us know what the outcome was.


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    In a way this actually sounds like a kind of Munchhausen by proxy but I could be mistaken, just happy that she isn't able to injure or kill any other patients anymore.

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    Quote from sanctuary
    Yaay! Another example of Small Government in action. Wonder how the Child Protective Services got involved, anyhow? Notified by a zealous MD?
    Well this is what I found from the court TV website:

    "After his first course of chemotherapy was ineffective, he rejected his oncologist's recommendation for a second, more intense round in favor of a sugar-free diet and regimen of herbal supplements prescribed by a controversial Mexican clinic. His oncologist reported his parents to social services for medical neglect."

    So all in all it was his oncologist who notified CPS, because Abraham didn't want to go through the hell of an even more intense chemotherapy when this one made him totally debilitated.

    I think it must have really pissed off that doctor when he heard that Abraham didn't want to go through with it and instead start something alternative that the oncologist didn't agree with.

    I just hope that I will never see this kind of a case again before the courts because the issue is clear that it is his and his parents choice and nobody elses.

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    I am presently living in Montreal, Quebec and I have been following this constantly while it was in the papers and one of the articles in the newspaper The Montreal Gazette was about how one nurse, was forced by the language police to write a document in french about how to set-up a computer systems network which has nothing to do with nursing, she immediately refused to take the test that they had given her due to the fact that she was a nurse and not a computer systems technician.

    Sometimes it feels like the language police is like a dictatorship without any monitoring or way to protest, because everybody have to follow what they say without complaint.

    I can only say that when I finish my nursing school I will be either working in Ontario, British Columbia or move to the states because it feels like they have no respect for nurses here in Quebec.

    I have another proof of how the language police can be even though this is a bit off topic, there is a bar and resturant just a few blocks from my house which has had their neon sign in english for years upon years without any trouble whatsoever and now suddenly they got a notification from the language police that after years of having their sign up without any problems, now they are suddenly forced to change their neon sign to french or face a the possibility of receiving a huge fine for not complying with the whims of the language police.

    I can't wait until I move away from Quebec, I am truly saddened by what is going on in this province.