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    Hello everyone,
    I appreciate all the feedback. Sorry for such a late reply. Ive been following up on all your feedback and seeking a lawyer in thought that this could turn south fast. In reply to everyone thinking of suspicious activity. Coming from my lack of experience I hadn't even given much thought of the possibility of diversion. Why would documenting a med be given then go and pull it? To me that would be a very stupid and careless way of diverting a med. In regards to JKL33 and others who mentioned this. My orientation was not adequate especially for being a new nurse and in the icu. I didn't have a designated preceptor(new preceptor each shift) every nurse provided care and documented in their own way. I was hired by different more supportive managers then the ones I have now. I didn't have any post orientation meeting or any chance really to express my concerns to my managers being on night shift. Ive never really felt supported by management or my fellow peers besides a few. And when I had the chance to express my concerns I didn't feel like they acknowledged me and all they offered was to give me a few resource websites. And no actual hands on time. I've had a hard time balancing my charting and providing the best care I can. I was always told that pt care comes before documenting. After reading all the replies the most logical explanation to me was that I must of had an empty vial or manually entered the med in anticipation of giving it later. I always felt anxious about Keeping my pt sedated enough and not to go crazy about having a tube down their throat. So I liked to Be prepared and not have to worry about documenting. I know that isnt good practice at all and I'm never going to do it again. I just feel I wasn't properly prepared for the icu and given a second chance I believe I should be on a med surg unit to gain better time management. But I have not yet met with my manager about this due to her being busy. But I hope this won't be the end of my career. I love nursing. Thank you all for your replies.

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    Hello Nurses,
    This might be long so bare with me!! I am quite distraught at the moment and need your help. I am a relatively new nurse that works in the Medical ICU. Working in the ICU as a new grad has been a huge learning curve but exciting.
    When it comes to the ICU you administer a lot of medications specifically pain medications. I was recently pulled into my managers office with concerns of my documentation with one specific IV pain med. The most prevalent pain med we give. The problem was that some how some way it had come up in my documentation that I had scanned the pain med as if I had given it in our e-chart (Prism), then later on it saying I pulled that med from the Med station making a time stamp. So Me documenting at 0400 that I gave the med, and then at 0430 it showing I took it from the med station.
    My manager has put me on leave because this has come up in my charting almost 5 times on different patients. I get very busy and caught up in my pt care but she wants an explanation of why I did this. The problem is I honestly don't know why I would scan a med before pulling it.
    If there is anyone out there that would have a reasonable / any explanation I really need your help!! I love my job and my pts and I would hate myself if I lost it over this.
    Thank you for all the help!