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  • Jan 28

    Hey y'all! I have been thinking about y'all, do not give up! I was not accepted to TWU and i stayed on top of my dream and just got a phone call this evening from a school in FLORIDA!!!! I am beyond excited, do not give up, I am always just a PM away, let me know if y'all need anything! y'all WILL be CRNAs, it WILL happen. Stay on top of it, hard work is always rewarded! I know how rejection can be, and it sucks, but do not give up!

  • Jan 24

    Got my acceptance this morning!! Woohoo!

  • Dec 19 '17

    If you've been accepted this is the Unofficial Facebook page search for it and request to join

    Texas Wesleyan CRNA Class of 2020

  • Dec 16 '17

    Can I pm you guys that just got accepted?

  • Dec 13 '17

    My interview in Denver was similar, mostly clinical questioning but it wasn't as intimidating as I had expected. I actually just got called this afternoon and accepted a spot at the University site in Denver!

  • Dec 13 '17

    Congrats to those who got a spot in Denver! Ive worked at U of Colorado for the past 5yrs and its a great place to work. I thought both interviews were less intimidating than I expected. Being able to chat with current students prior was super helpful to ease the tension. I got a call yesterday shortly after and was offered either location. Slept on it and decided to go to Denver Health. Super excited to get started!

  • Dec 11 '17

    It sounds like it didn't go too bad!! Sending positive thoughts your way and i hope you'll hear great news!

  • Nov 17 '17

    Just this morning. I'm guessing some people had turned down interviews and I must have been next on the list.

  • Nov 17 '17

    It's a closed group. Should be able to ding it in search
    Texas Weselyan CRNA Class of 2020

  • Nov 14 '17

    Got some advice and insight from a recent TWU graduate. Might help you determine between Denver Health and University if you get the option of choosing. I've worked at both and loved DH much more. Here's what he said:

    "Texas Wesleyan has it's issues but it is a solid program and if you train at Denver Health you will be well prepared for a career as a CRNA. The strengths of the program are the physiology professor (he's very good) and the training you receive at Denver Health, which is fantastic. The university clinical site has more issues but you'll still be well prepared when you graduate.

    The problems with the program are that it's expensive, and some of the faculty at TWU don't treat the students professionally. I didn't have any problems with the distance learning option - I liked being able to stay in Denver and as long as your fellow students are into studying together and figuring things out as a group it works well. I did clinical rotations in Salida (rural anesthesia, CRNA only practice), Little Rock, Arkansas (peds) and Mobile, Alabama (hearts). Those change year to year (at least the heart rotation has). For the most part these experiences were great minus the travel and expense of getting/staying there. Some are better than others tho and you don't have any say in it. You get what you get.

    There are plenty of better programs than TWU out there that cost less. That said - TWU is a solid program and you won't regret having trained there (other than the loans). You will be well prepared to go anywhere as a new grad. Its a great option if you want to move back to Colorado. But if you are pretty flexible you might find something better/cheaper."

  • Nov 10 '17

    I also got the two interviews in Denver. Sounds pretty intense to have two 45 minute interviews in the same day. Very excited though!

  • Nov 8 '17

    jones dont be discouraged!

    I felt my interview in mobile went well too! However, TWU is VERY competitive, and you cant beat yourself up about it! Just know, you arent the only one feeling this way! I was heartbroken too, but it all works out how it should! I am re taking some classes at a local community college to boost my GPA, and i may have to suck it up and take the dreaded GRE again haha. But, in feb im gonna call and see how i stacked up against the other applicants this year and see what i need to do for next year! PM me if you need to vent! im here

  • Nov 7 '17

    hey all!

    I got an e mail this morning. I was not accepted to the program. I had my interview on friday and they were pretty quick to respond!
    Sounds like this year is super competitive, thats what my e mail told me. GOOD LUCK to you all and I wish you the VERY VERY best!!! let me know if I can help yall with anything in the future. A dream delayed is not a dream forgotten! I will get my time ) good luck to the rest of ya and good luck in the program!!

  • Nov 2 '17

    That's awesome congrats y'all I hope the rest of us hear somethin soon I would take any clinical site.. anywhere lol

  • Oct 28 '17

    I can get on board with that!