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    Took the Hesi last night and still didn't do well enough to even both applying this year. 84. This really sucks! I now need to figure out if I should go to votech and do the LPN route, then come back and try to get in to the RN program later, or just keep taking classes this coming year towards my bachelors and try again next year. Frustrating.

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    Thanks everyone. Guess I need to stop by and get a new paper to calculate everything. Obviously, I need to do better on my Hesi tonight to even have any sort of chance. Also, it seemed like the numbers posted earlier in this thread seemed kind of low in comparison to what I've been hearing as far as lowest points to get into the program at each campus. From what I've been hearing, I thought that anything lower then a 88 and you wouldn't get into any of the campuses.

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    Did they change the points system since last year does anyone know? Is the Hesi still worth 50 points? Can anyone tell me the points for a 3.56 GPA and 7 classes completed? I'm taking my Hesi for the 2nd time tonight. First time was last month and I only scored a 82, really hoping for the 90 tonight! Thanks for any help.