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    I think some of the probem is with new grads wanting a day shift job, no weekends, no holidays, etc..., I een had a new grad inquire about MY job as a nurse manager! I agree that some shifts suck but patients need us 24/7 365.

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    Silly? Then why are YOU bothering to respond? LOL! My RNC has nothing to do with this thread. Your thoughts are your own and you are absolutely entitled to them. Good luck in your future endeavors.

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    Quote from ImThatGuy
    It could, yes. Additionally, someone could walk in with monkeypox. Do you know immediately what to do about that also?
    I know how to stabilize a patient until I find out... Which you won't know how to do because you don't think its important enough to learn it. If you get an attitude about a public post that invited responses from other posters, I really do feel sorry for you and your future patients. FYI you need not respond.

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    Some of you seem to have the mistaken impression that nothing goes on in OB that you really need to know... What happens when you have a pregnant patient on your non OB unit with complications? That "stuff" you plan to gloss over in your learning just might come in handy... OB has much to offer in a learning environment if you take the time to learn it. For your sake I really hope your comments are tounge in cheek otherwise I feel sorry for any future patients you might have.

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    I think that there is an issue but my issue is with your attitude of judgement. How do you KNOW that she "choose a lifestyle of gluttony and sloth"? Maybe she has underlying issues that cause her to be noncompliant because thatis the one area of her life she CAN control, good or bad...

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    You need look at benefits and not just the actual dollars also and as a manager and you jumped ship after all those hours and dollars I spent training you I would hard pressed to think of a reason to want to rehire you if things don't work out at the 2nd place... There are new grads 6 or more months out of school that would LOVE to have 24.50 versus the nothing because they haven't found a job yet...

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    Quote from Tyler77
    So, do you believe a student is SUPPOSED to know how to insert an IV out of nursing school? Because if that's the case, the law is being broken. Only an RN, not a student is allowed to start an IV. (And remember, you're not a nurse until you pass the NCLEX). You could be a graduate of a nursing program, but not an RN. So if you expect said student to start an IV right away, the law was broken somewhere.

    And if you're volunteered as a preceptor, you could always JUST SAY NO.

    I call 'em as I see 'em, too.
    In some states students ARE allowed to start an IV with supervision. I have let students do their first hospital stickon me.

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    EVERY nurse in our facilty is ACLS trained including NBN. We haven't been floated more but are way more comfortable during the rare times when we had codes in L/D or needed rapid response for a gyn patient.

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    Quote from jennifers
    are you kidding me? not everyone is young, healthy and happy to say the least.
    You are exactly right! Last night my pp unit had a mom who delivered at 26wks w/ hgb of 6, mom with pp depression, pt w/ kidney stones, pt. w/ fetal demise, 2 fresh post-op, etc... these nurses provide intense emotional support as well as nursing care...

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    Since AWHONN changed the convention from East coast to West coast, my small hospital cannot afford to send us to Vegas. Does anyone have information on any conventions on the closer to home?

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    I think all nurses have something that grosses them out... I've been a nurse for almost 30 years and the smell of feces has ALWAYS grossed me out and still does!

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    First let me say I am a Unit Director and I worked Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, not because I had to but so my staff would not have to work 12 hour shifts on those days. Even when I'm scheduled off for Christmas my family goes to the local hospital and passes out gifts to all of the patients who are there on Christmas day. This year we were fortunate enough to be able to include families and staff. We were so blessed by the people we met, one had never recieved a Christmas gift before, etc. A local pastor visiting one of his members was so touched by what we were doing that he gave us a seed offering to help with gifts for next year. This was our fourth year and the best ever!

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    Absolutely. At our facility we do spot checks for PPE

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    Guess what? The costs are going to be passed on to the rest of us anyway... What are the chances that these patients have the resources to pay an increased amount as a result of their limited mobility options? Just something to think about...

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    My first great moment was the very second I knew I was really going to bring my adoptive son home with me in four short days. Due to reproductive issues that necessitated a hysterectomy at 39 I was unable to have children of my own so I decided to pursue adoption.

    I found out that persistence was a great tool to have when dealing with state agencies. I had to appeal to the state office of adoptions to get the necessary parenting classes that seemed to be impossible to find in my local area and once that happened I erroneously thought I was on my way.

    Surely it couldn't take that long, after all ads were everywhere asking for adoptive and foster parents in my state, especially African American children. I wasn't even asking for a newborn.

    Naively I searched out adoptable children on a number of websites including one in my state and contacted the local state agencies and was sure they would jump at the chance to get an educated, independent, employed African American woman... Was I ever wrong!

    When they found out I was a nurse they wanted me to take medically fragile children that need continuous care, translated into around the clock, which I , as a single parent could not adequately provide. The next time they said we have a healthy 4 year old boy you can adopt... if you take his 2 year old sister who has AIDS.... I explained again to the social workers that I wanted a healthy child, I could not work as a nurse at my job all day and then nurse a child all night and I certainly did not want to adopt a child at my age that was so critically ill.

    I went around and around with them until a friend of a friend who adopted a child referred me to a private agency she used. What a difference!

    They talked to me and we decided on a semi open adoption. I wrote a letter to a potential birthmother, filled up a photo album about myself, my life, and my close family and waited.

    Within weeks my case worker called and said a birthmother picked you out, everything is all set. I had the baby room ready, told everyone, I was so excited. The birthmom had them call me when she delivered to see if I wanted to have the baby circumcised and what I wanted to name him.

    5 days into the 10 day surrender period I went to the store and in the parking lot a gentleman walked up to me and said I don't want to scare you but the Lord said to tell you that your due season is not yet but its on the way. I had no idea what he meant... until I got home.

    My caseworker called and said the birthmom gave the baby to someone else. I was devastated, I literally cried until I had to be sedated because I felt like my baby died, if that makes sense to you. I told the caseworker I didn't want to know again until the 10 day periods were over.

    A week later she sent me pictures of a beautiful baby boy and said I just had to tell you, in 2 more days he'll be yours. Ironically the surrender period ended at midnight on Thanksgiving 1999.

    I truly had something to be thankful for, I fell in love the moment I laid eyes on him and his birthmom placed him in my arms. He is the love of my life and we have been inseparable ever since. It tickles both of us when people comment on how much he favors me.

    Nothing is greater than being blessed with a child.