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    Hi Annie,
    I really think any job has the potentiality to get old.

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    Yes I agree with you Xlorgguss. Perfusionist profession is a very new profession globally and it's a job that is not just confined to the operating theatres! I feel that the job is quite varied in patients and across the hospital settings such as ICU, CCU, respiratory and of course in paediatrics.

    I'm actually looking forward to applying and hopefully getting accepted into one of the schools

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    Can anyone assist in advising on how to become a Medical Perfusionist. Or is there anyone out there that is a Medical Perfusionist that can describe your pathway to the job and describe your typical day.
    Thank you!

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    Quote from Simplistic


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    [QUOTE=Coffee Nurse;9502621]I don't see any reason to jump straight to drugs when OP has no idea whether or not she'll even be bothered once she gets in there.[/QUOT!

    That's true

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    Quote from BSNAW
    Hi there!

    I am a nursing student going into my OB clinical rotation. I am very nervous for many reasons... 1) I don't have kids yet and 2) we are likely to see a vaginal delivery and/or C-section. I have never had the opportunity to observe any kind of surgery and I am terrified at the possibility of passing out! Honestly even the thought of seeing a live vaginal delivery scares me! I don't have any issues seeing blood or doing things like IV's and such with needles. I have seen a few procedures like a bone marrow biopsy but nothing that was an actual surgery. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had some advice for me??? I know to eat a good breakfast before clinical but is there any other tips/tricks you may have? Thanks in advanced!

    - A terrified nursing student
    Take some ant-nausea drugs before going in!!!

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    Quote from Keenie
    Hi I am an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse here in Australia. I have a Diploma in Nursing. I have worked in the OR as an anaesthetic nurse here for the last 15 years. I assist the Anaesthetist will every kind of Anaesthetic required. I love my job. I was wondering if I am eligible to be able to work in this role in Texas. I think I would qualify as a LVN over there. Thank you for your response.

    Hi I just came across this as well. Its the same in every state in the US, so what I said in your Cali question applies across the board.

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    Quote from Keenie
    Hi I am an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse in Australia. I work in the OR and specialise is Anaesthetic Nursing.
    Would I be able to work in California an as Anaesthetics LVN or LPN nurse ?
    Thank you so much . ☺

    Hi Keenie,

    In the USA, there are CRNA's and SRNA's the difference between the two is that one is a Certifified RN Anesthetist and the other is a Student RN Anesthetist. It is usually a 3 year program in a university medical school program. I am also originally from Australia, so, this is my goal as well.

    Unfortunately Endorsed Enrolled Nurses cannot become CRNAs here in any state within the USA. You will have to do your EEN to RN (the RN is the equivalent to the BSN here in the US), then you would have to work in a critical care for a few years before even wanting to apply for a SRNA in a med school. In some states in America they are going to make this program a Phd to the BSN. You will also have to have a good deep knowledge in human anatomy and biopathophysiology.

    If it is your dream to become a CRNA, I would first do the EEN to RN in Australia (cost) first, then sit your NCLEX in Sydney, its cheaper to do it there than here. Then I would apply to all Trauma I hospitals in the US where you want to live to do your new grad role in Critical care or ICU. Forget California for a while until you get the experience, its hard to get a new grad in Cali.

    But if you don't have residency, it will be hard for you, as a lot of the hospitals in the US have stopped international support for nurses.

    If I were you, I would do all the research first in getting sponsorship first, as an international nurse in a state where they are desperate for nurses.

    Always follow your dreams... nothing is impossible!

    Good luck

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    Quote from Berryjelly
    We have doctor friends that bought a house outside Santa Barbara (Goleta to be exact) because properties and renting there are just expensive in general because it's a "beach city". Especially if you want a backyard it can and will be very expensive. Cottage Hospital pays well but still won't be enough for cost of living if you want to live IN sunny SB.

    Thanks... dreams shattered!

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    Quote from Berryjelly
    Santa Barbara is expensive too. Think 2k for a 1bedroom apartment! Oh and the whole Santa Baraba county don't have a target lol. Just a not so fun fact. Lived there for about 2yrs

    Hi Berryjelly,

    My husband and I were going to buy property there from an inheritance I gained.

    So, is it that renting and cost of living there is way to expensive with a job in critical care nursing? Or do you mean, the whole lot, even if we own property there?


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    Quote from ddeburger
    It may seem like a dream staff position, but it certainly won't be a dream when the cost of living hits you. Trust me, I just moved out of SF and CA altogether because it is too expensive to live there, even with the pay rates being decent.

    Me and my husband are thinking of moving to Santa Barbara from South Carolina, for a better lifestyle change, etc! With a nursing job in one of the hospitals there, will it be too expensive for us?

    Were you brought up in Cali?

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    Quote from Fo1112394
    I had this question on a practice test on Quizlet. If this question was found on the NCLEX would it be above the passing line?

    A client with a headache arrives in the emergency department and is staggering, confused, smells of alcohol, and is verbally abusive. The nurse explains to the client that the health care provider will need to perform an assessment before the administration of medication. When the client becomes verbally abusive, the nurse threatens to place the client in restraints. With what can the client legally charge the nurse as a result of this nursing action?

    Assault ----
    Answer is Assault

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    Thank you so much everyone... I guess this week will be RN shoe shopping this week!!!

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    Quote from NicuNurseD
    I'm a bit of a sneakerhead so when I first started working as an RN, I thought I could wear the most comfortable sneakers I have (Adidas Ultraboost III). My legs ached so much the following day! A couple of veteran nurses advised me to try Danskos (which I swore I wouldn't wear for what I thought were lack of aesthetics :-D ). But, lo and behold, no leg pain, no foot pain, no back pain. Really awesome support for me. I've worn the same pair for two years now. I use their Pro line. Love that they're easy to wipe clean, too!
    Wow I am going to take a look at them. Thanks!

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    Quote from Pixie.RN
    I wear Brooks PureFlow running shoes. I wear my "retired" running shoes as work shoes when I get 300 running miles on them.