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    wonderful message.. i'm pretty sure u really got a big heart. you are truly a nurse by heart

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    woooww.. it actually fit the emotions i had in my system right now. i'm a graduating student now. a month from now, deserving people will be on stage receiving their diploma. and i'm hardly doing my part to be part of the nursing graduation batch this march. same with you, my plan in my career is to be in the field of little kids or even old ages. i really find it magical, discovering life from beginning til near end. but sometimes, some things hit my mind such as asking myself if i am really deserving and competent enough. but then, thanks for the instance that i red ur story. it really, pushed my strong side to move on and just be what i am and learn from whatever will happen. thank you, personally and i wish you continue inspiring us.


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    tears just started to fall..
    so nice to read such things like this.
    a wonderful nurse you are.
    what you've done, says it all..
    its not just the knowledge we got from books that we should apply,
    it is really a matter of having a "heart" when we are working as a nurse=)

    may you always be blessed

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    what about "preparing for menopausal stage?"

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    its true and its sad. like the big issue here on our place. we all wanted to work properly and the feeling u are having now really thing to do is, jst ignore. be glad that u are doing the right thing. and surely, you'll gain a real success afterwards..

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    happy 4u!!

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    RN in 2k8? same here. and slightly im scared. had this fear that i may work not as good as other nurses.. but my willingness to be a cheerful and productive nurse keeps me up. Not so good theoretically but i could analize things. gets? i have this big concern and sympathy on patients and i hope i could do things properly..