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    I have had this problem in spades. I have had three different groups of family members following me up and down the hall(and into other patients rooms) because I am neglecting their mother, father, sister, brother whatever. When you push them out they report you for abuse and neglect. Part of the problem, besides a sense of entitlement, is admissions personnel or liasons are telling these people, "Why this is just like a hotel! You will have a nurse that speaks only your mother's language and her every need will be anticipated and met." Sorry, I dont speak Farsi or Urdu or Hindi or Spanish or anyother language but Marine Corps. What I am saying, is there is an expectation being built up that we can not and should not be required to meet. But due to competition the pressure is on to put patients in beds and these people who most are not medical personnel will say anything to meet their goals and get those bonuses. You cant make them understand exactly what it is we do and I tell them," I dont provide maid service and I dont fetch coffee or anything else. I take care of the patient's medical needs end of story." I have been doing this for a very long time, but in the last 5 years it has got increasingly worse. And that's my rant, sorry if I have offended anyone.