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    Quote from Kashia
    it states intheir material that clinicals are done locally with a preceptor..does this mean you have to do a practical clinical test in order to complete the program ( like regents?) or you just do your hours in clinical like any BSN program?
    Hi, I have just started this program and I will be doing my clinicals at my local hospital. It does take a little time for approval but this process was already started by 3 fellow co-workers that began in January. I'm just happy that I don't have to drive or fly somewhere to have only 2 days of clinical time and be under so much stress that I will probably fail.

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    Quote from oddone
    Hello, I am a RN student, not an LPN, but I believe I can help you out somewhat anyway. I work at the VAMC in Lexington, where we employ several LPN's on my floor. The way I understand it, at least in our facility, is that the LPN's can administer meds, injections, take glucose readings, insert feeding tubes and NG's, install IV's, and give IV pushes. LPN's (at our facility) cannot administer medications through a central line (different from a PICC), cannot reset the medication in a PCA, and do not do assessments. I could be seriously mistaken on some of this, but this is what I have observed so far. Hope it helps.
    I work in a LTC facility that is sending the LPN's through a class so that we can do IV pushes. Also we are not able to spike blood but will be able to monitor and discontinue blood. LPN's are not allowed to do the initial assessment of a patient (a new admit) but can do those thereafter. The KBN website addresses alot of these topics but they are kind of confusing. I also think it depends on whether your facility adopts the policy.

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    Quote from NCJill
    Hi all,
    I never have any luck in this forum, but I'm trying again. I am moving to Louisville in May 2006. I've spoken with the nurse recruiters at all the hospitals and found that:

    base pay is approximately 18.50 at all places
    shift differentials are 10-15% with NO weekend diff

    IS THIS RIGHT??? This is crazy in my opinion. I am currently in NC where the base is the same, but diffs are A LOT more. Weekend day diff is $10 by itself. I spoke with my nursing director and she couldn't believe the low differential Louisville offers. Does any place within an hour of Louisville offer better rates? I am certainly not greedy, but this is a huge difference. Please respond with your experience!

    It's even lower in Murray, KY.
    Base pay is 12.20 for LPN and shift diff. is 0.25, with only $3.00 for the weekend shift. RN's base pay is $15.79. Yes that's all and we were told that our pay is competitve with others.

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    Well there is a hospital in Hopkinsville called Jenny Stuart (don't know much about them), also the psychiatric hospital in Hopkinsville, Western Baptist and Lourdes in Paducah, KY and Murray-Calloway County Hospital in Murray, KY. Starting pay for nurses in this area of Kentucky is not very high. So you might have to go for that hour long drive to Nashville, TN. Whatever you decide to do I wish you and your wife luck.

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    I only remember 77-83=C, and this was in the RN program that I was in at first. I did not pass my last semester by 76.7. This was of course a D and the grades were not rounded. I was crushed but was accepted into the LPN program the next semester.

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    Quote from Vman
    ok, i took the nclex today and the computer shut off at 85, i walked away and to be honest...i really don't know!! i will be a nervous wreck till friday evening when i can go online and find out.

    my question is.....has anyone here had the computer shut off at 85 and NOT pass?
    I had the computer cut off at 85 questions. I was so scared and I had to drive 150 mileds back from Nashville, TN to Murray, KY in the worst thunderstorm. I checked online 48 hours later and I had passed. Alot of people that I know have had it to turn off on 85 questions. It either means you grasped the concept of the questions asked or you were doing poorly. You never know which. But like I said my friends that have had it turn off at 85 questions including me have all passed.

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    Quote from tashaLPN2006
    okay i'm having such a hard time with understand the Care Plans and the nursing diagnosis process...i'm so confused i don't even know how to form a questions to get answered. I looked it all up in my textbook and the examples but it's just not clicking! we start clinicals in TWO weeks and i feel so lost! i've been an STNA for a while, so its not the patient care that bothers me, it's all this crazy paperwork and definitions...sometimes reading this stuff i have to look up every other word in a medical dictionary then look those words in the definition up in a children's dictionary...ohhhh i hope this gets better!!!
    I found a book called The Nursing Diagnosis Handbook : A Guide to Planning Care by Betty J. Ackley and Gail B. Ladwig. It's an older book, 4th edition published through Mosby. I was able to do all of my care plans from this book. Section I tells you how to go through the nursing process and gather information. In section II you locate the clients symptoms, clinical state, and medical diagnoisis, anticipated or prescribed diagnostic studies, or surgical interventions. section II is used to evaluate each of the suggested nursing diagnosis. There are rationales for each diagnosis and intervention. For example: Dehydration- nursing diagnosis 1. altered health maintenance, altered oral mucous membranes, fluid volume deficit (of course they have what each are related to). Then look in the index for health maintenance altered, it gives you the page number and there you go. Do that for each diagnosis and you should have it. You can find this online.

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    Quote from NP2BE
    I have been working ICU for 8 months straight out of school. Lets not make tjis into a "new nurses should not go into ICU" thred please, that wont help me.I was called last night and told not to come in this morning to the unit. Instead I should goto nursing services and meet with my manager and her manager. Yikes.
    1-Last Friday I admittedly made an error (I work ICU). A Patient was admitted from the floor and i wrote an order for ativan 1 mg q 3 hrs, it should have been PRN, i forgot to write PRN. I reported off to the night nurse about the ativan helping with pain/agitation and he realized not to give that much. The patient got several doses 8 hours apart, but the doc flipped when he saw how the order was written
    2- Several weeks ago, I had an extremely agitated patient who was also 350lbs. There was an order for haldol 2 mg ivp prn, no time constraint. The nurse who gave me report said she had been moaning all night and nthing could be done, and that she had proabl;y not slept in days and her solution was to close the glass door so she couldnt hear the pt moan. I felt this to be NOT helpful to the pt. I ended up giving some 70 mg of haldol over the 12 hour shift. I looked up the safe dosage and that falls within the safe dose. Some books say 5 mg every half hour, some say 10 mg, then double until you get the desired effect every half hour stopping at 50mg. At no point did the patient have decreased resp[irations or drop her blood pressure. She fell asleep for a few hours but thats it, all in all even that much haldol was not that effective. That was several weeks ago and I guess they were reviewing the MAR and somone flipped. I also asked the other nurses on the unit, including the charge if it were ok that i give that much and noone said anything other then they had not given that much before but it didnt violate the order or the corecct safe doasge. Also They were upset that I didnt question the order for not havinga time constraint, which i will do in the future.

    Fallout- Luckily I didnt get fired but now I must verify ALL medications with the charge nurse before I give them. "charge nurse, can i hang some vanc?" crap... and I am not allowed to work overtime because they felt I have worked too much and was too tired. The crazy thing is I am helping THEM out and they cut my overtime completely!!! I am thinking I will find a new job and put my two weeks in ASAP

    Thougts anyone?
    I have only been a nurse for 6 months and this seems like a scary situation to be in. Now at the hospital that I work at an order for ativan or haldol wil not be accepted by the pharmacy without a prn prescription also. Actually that is for all narcotics. If the pharmacy does get one like that they send the order back with big pretty writing that says "get prn order also".

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    Quote from SharonH, RN
    Ms. Joseph and Ebony already stated it very well. The direct eye contact and witch doctor thing is completely new to me too. However, I have no doubt that may have been Commuter's experience.

    I was told in one of my classes recently that rural Blacks in the South often eat dirt; it's in our culture??? This was news to me also as I, having been raised in the rural South have never participated in this ritual nor have I observed or known anyone who has done it. So beware of what you read.

    As a healthcare consumer, the only thing I can add is that you should be careful that in your efforts to be "culturally sensitive" you are not conscending. I see that mistake made sometimes. Good luck on your paper!
    Eating dirt is also known as a form of pica. So if this was true in the South if may have been due to a lack of iron. This might be an area where there is not adequate healthcare.

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    Quote from Pocamom
    And please keep me in your thoughts and prayers for tomorrow Jan 24th at 10am! I will be sitting in front of that wonderful computer proving my knowledge for the NCLEX-RN.

    Here's to success! Thanks guys, I will be praying for all those facing the same this week!

    We can do it!!!!
    I read your post a little late but I am saying a prayer for you. I took the NCLEX-PN and it cut off at 85 questions. When I got to 84 I just sat there for a while and prayed that it would not shut off at 85. Well when I pressed the next button it did and I had to answer a survey. I checked in @0915 and was out @1015, exactly one hour. Man all I could think about during my 2 hour drive from Nashville, TN to KY was how was I going to get the money to retest. Anyway in 48 hours I checked online and I had passed. I was in the library when I did this and if you could have seen the smile on my face. You will do great. :hatparty:

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    If the quotas were in effect when I was accepted to the nursing program then I would not have been the only minority in a class of 40. Also I work in a LTC facility at the present time and guess what, there are only 3 minority nurses, and 3 CNA's in the whole facility. This facility is owned by a hospital with at least 1000 employees and I guess the 20 of us were just so lucky to have a job. Most caucasians believe that minorities are all stupid and must have their test scores or qualifications based on a different standard. There are some of us who are very intelligent and can have a decent conversation. We are not all trying to pull something to try and get ahead in life. All of us don't wear our pants sagging and say what's up homey or homes. I have worked hard to get the place in my life. And yes some of us were raised by both parents and were spoiled and not living in the slums. I guess I'm just messed up all the way around because my racial background is Cuban/Nigerian=father and caucasian/Mexican/Sioux Indian. So what are my chances of succeeding based on my diverse background. The nursing school that I attended used diversity to weed out the little young chickens that were only thinking about what to wear to the kegger on Friday night, or to admit the much needed male applicant. I am really sorry if I got off the subject but I just had to vent.

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    Quote from multicollinarity
    Like most places, the competition to get into nursing programs is huge where I live. I met a woman in one of my classes who told me she has been accepted at the community college, and the U of --. Problem is, the wait list here for the CC is up to 3 years. She told me how she got into the U of --. She said to me, you have to have something special about yourself. I asked her, what do you mean? So she said "I got in because I'm a single mother." So I said to her, "I bet you have a really good GPA. I know the average GPA for those accepted is 3.7. Maybe you are underestimating how much you impressed the interviewers." She looks at me and rolls her eyes and says "My GPA isn't near that. They let me in because I'm a single mother." How do you know that I asked. She says "the professors both told me that I was being admitted expressly because I'm a single mother which makes life harder for me."

    Excuse me? I have to admit this pisses me off! I used both the pill and a condom when I was out there to be careful...and she gets in because she's a single, never married mother? I can see if she got in on her own merits, then they chose to give her a full waiver on tuition to compensate for the difficulty of being a single mother. That sounds reasonable to me. But to admit her because of this?! Oh, and she's now pregnant again with #3. She's 22 years old. Never married. I am not trying to make judgments on those who have never been married and are single mothers. I just don't think you should get admitted to a nursing program because of it! Am I in left field here? What do you all think.
    Guess what? I am a single mother of two young boys that was accepted into nursing school based on my GPA. Also I worked hard and paid my own tuition until my last semester which is when I applied for a scholarship through the hospital where I had busted my butt for the past 7 years. Don't be salty because this person got in for being a single mother, but I really don't believe that bull.

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    I have another 911 story which involves my son when he was a year old. My son picked up the phone and hit the 911 button on the phone, well I just thought that he was just playing or pretending to be speaking to someone so I took the phone away from him and put it back down. Well a few minutes later the phone rings and it is the 911 operator and I explained to her what had happened. Well I guess that wasn't enough because the police are soon at my house. I tried to explain to them what happened and they did not believe me either because the next person knocking at my door was a social worker. Each time I had to show them my son picking up the phone and he would push the same button because of the design on it(the emergency sign I guess and it was outlined in red). Well for about a month a social worker would come to my house to visit me. Of course I was embarassed because I have never done anything to harm my children. But I guess it was good that someone did follow up on the call because you never know which call is real.

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    Quote from NurseChick
    I work in a LTC facility and we had a lady one time who called 911 to tell them she couldn't get her bra off. The dispatcher got a chuckle out of it also when they called to tell us they had her on the line and could we please go check her. When I went and asked her why she called 911 about her bra, she just acted like "well, isn't that what I should do?" We also have another lady who has called 911 several different times because no one was coming to answer her light.
    There was a resident in the LTC facility that I work in who would use her phone to call 911, ER, her physician,and any phone number she could find. She would tell them to call the nurses station and tell them to change the channel on her television or either put her on the bed pan. She would never use the call light no matter how many times we re-oriented her on how to use it. She said that she figured calling someone else would get us to her room faster.

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    My younger sister who is now 17 used to call her vagina "Bop". So when she was little there was a singing group called EnVogue and in one of their songs they would say "UM Bop". Well my sister would start crying because she thought that my mother and I had called the radio station and told them that was the name of her vagina. She was also upset with Baby Bop on the Barney and Friends show.