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    Beautiful story and thank you for giving hope to Hope.

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    Your first mistake was allowing someone you don't know to push you into agreeing to meet. That should have raised a red flag.
    DO NOT make another mistake by sending the guy (if it's even a guy) ANY money. He's obviously trying to scam you and a respectable nurse would NOT do that.
    Tell him to leave you alone. Stop interacting with him; if he continues harassing you file a police report. Be safe and keep us posted on how it works out.

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    Remind me again how much of our 30 second lunch break we have left?

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    I would NOT co-sign for any (unknown) wasted medication in this scenario. For all you know, he could be setting YOU up by accusing YOU of taking the medication after it's wasted. And why would another nurse be medicating your patient anyway?

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    At the clinic I work in, we've got a Keurig; everyone brings their own pods, creamer, etc and the other clinic nurse and I take turns bringing filtered water for the Keurig. I use the pod filter and pack it with my coffee (Starbucks or Folgers) so I'm not spending any $$ on the pods. I probably wouldn't buy "special nurse coffee" unless it had a pic of Kevin Costner on it, in which case I'd sell my first-born and drink it no matter what it tasted like!! 😍

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    You are a professional; unless your life or your license is in danger, give a proper 2 week notice.

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    Call the BON before he has a chance to and ask them if you can have a letter placed in your file about the threats you've received from this whacko regarding HIM calling the BON. Or at the very least, ask someone in the legal dept of the BON what you should do regarding the threats this guy has made.
    Change the locks on your doors, save EVERY communication you receive from the guy and consider filing harassment charges against him if he continues giving you trouble. If it were me, I'd also keep mace/pepper spray in my pocket when I leave my apartment.
    Good luck and stay safe!!

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    I would completely disagree with you regarding the "mortal sin." Killing a patient on the 1st day of work would rank WAY higher than a no-call no-show. And you're saying she had a "flat-out I don't give a damn" no-call no-show? Where in her comments does it say she didn't care? She said she wasn't aware she was expected to work that day. Maybe offer some support instead of judgement.

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    Your new employer will probably think more highly of you if you give a 2 week notice to the employer you are leaving because they know they might eventually be on the receiving end of the "no notice" thing being done to them. Either way, good luck!!!