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    thank you, i use that all the time, but it also took me a few times-
    I read those threads and although they have helped so much,
    I need more info on Sjrcc points and all and how they are added.
    because the NEt and NAt are different and dont know how the scores are used.

    thank you for you help

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    HEllo, I am applying this semester for FCCJ and dont think i will get in the first try and in the spring applying for Both FCCj & SJRCC

    my question is, how is the NET for SJRCC different to the NAT @ fccj
    ASLO- is the point system almost the same for SJRCC as it is with FCCJ.

    I already took my human nutrition class and did great in the class.
    I just need to know how the points work at SJRCC and if anyone has gotten in recently, how high were there points-

    thank you so much!

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    Quote from elby812
    Hello.... I had 217 I think. I got in my first try.
    How are your NAT scores? That's what really boosted my score up.
    Just keep trying. You will get in if this is really what you want to do.... Stay positive!! Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you do use the raw scores correct, rather than the percentile scores?
    some one once told me you use the percentile scores, but i heard other wise-

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    elby, can i ask what your scores were to get in and did you get in on your first try?
    i am so nervous that i will never get in.

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    you use the raw scores correct?
    i am kinda lost?

    when i first started college i was right out of highschool and didnt try my hardest, After i realized what i wante to do with my life i straightened up and got good grades. but still have a few C's in some classes.

    I took the nat test but dont think i did to good-
    i am going to take it again soon, and apply to fccj
    I sure hope i have a shot
    i have already taken the human nutrition class to apply to SJRCC so i will be applying there too in the spring...

    my micro class begins in a few weeks-
    i hope to get an A in this class to boost up my points

    To all that got in this semester- congrats!!!!!!

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    hi, im applying to fccj in august...
    Got a question though, at fccj you can apply while in the micro class, what about SJRCC, can you apply while in the class, or does all pre reqs have to be done before applying, im actually in the HUMAN NUTRITION online class now for SJRCC....and will be in MICRO in the fall...

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    Quote from elby812
    Same here, nervous & don't know what to expect. Extremely excited though!

    I know, Judith Davis is awesome. Our first test is on Tuesday. I'm a little nervous just cause its the first but I've been studying her notes and the sample exams so it shouldn't be that bad.

    Good luck to you, lmh!!!
    thanks...... you too~
    With her tests, givin that she gives the cheat sheet, that helps alot...
    but just be careful of her turning around words..
    sometimes you will have a question on there and it be almost exactly like the one on the study guide...but she somehow switched it around and its a different answer..... Other than that she is awesome.

    I am taking Chem right now with Horace brown,,, on rate my professor there was all negative things about his teachings... he seems nice though but we havent had a test yet. they said it is hard to even get a C in his class. So we will see.

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    i am also at Fccj and will apply for the nursing program in may...
    I am so nervous and dont know what to expect.
    and judith davis is awesome, i had her last semester. She will even share ith you certain questions that will be on the test... so make sure you write them down and put a star next to those to study!
    good luck to you all

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    Does anyone know where i can get the best book to prepare me for the nursing alptitude test to get into the nursing program.
    I am having a hard time trying to find one

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    I will be applying for the nursing program in May...
    I dont think i will make it in the first semester, because my GPA isnt as high. I am so nervous! I am ready but nervous!

    Is there any tips anyone can give me?
    Does anyone have a full time job and go to school?

    I have a friend who is in the last semester of the program and she helps me out with stuff but I just feel so nervous inside right now....

    I know my whole life will be based on studying and thats fine, i am getting married this june and have a wonderful supporting man that will be there for me.

    this site is awesome, it has helped me out alot!

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    im so glad they have night classes for the program....
    I can apply April 1st..... I sure hope i get in.

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    In jacksonville Fl yesterday morning, a woman standing in line shot a woman working in the pharmacy cause the lady told her she would have to stand in line to be helped and she shot her twice walked away, came back and shot her in the head and kille dher at Shands jacksonville hospital.

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    St. Vincents pays for an RN-BSN program for its nurses, actually i think most every hospital does. there website is
    I work there and plan to just become an RN from fccj and then have st. vincents pay for me to furture my education

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    my lab practicum is coming up, I didnt do so well on my first hourly test covering ch 1,2,3,4 but i also didnt get to study as much as i would have liked too, and also knowing how he tests, i know what to study for...
    Our lab last night was about the skelatal system and I already knew most of it but I am now studying at work learning all the detail

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    I know i can do this and I will, My friend just was saying how terribly hard it is and she crys alot over the stress, It made me wonder if It is really that hard, obviously i know i have to work my butt off, but was just wondering if maybe she is making harder than it is....
    and by saying stressful i mean all the studying and fast pased classes through nursing school, I know the actual stressfulness of an RN is going to depend on a day to day basis. That i would be able to handle....