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    So helpful! Thank you for sharing your experience

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    Thank you so much for your insight. It's really helpful to know which hospitals may take ADNs. Did you get a job fairly quickly after getting your BSN?

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    There really is! I have read a number of responses that make me think getting a job will be impossible.
    Looking inland for my first job is great advice, thank you

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    I am considering a career change from business/project management to nursing. I'm based in San Diego and I'm curious about a couple of things..
    I have my MBA but I'd like to take the affordable route so I'd like to get my associates first, take the NCLEX and then do a bridge BSN. Does anyone think I would be at all employable as an ADN who is working on her BSN?
    also, is the job market so bad in San Diego that I'll be fighting an uphill battle?

    I am currently taking my prerequisites and volunteering but won't be applying to nursing school til next summer.

    Any advice would be so appreciated !