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    Duquesne University in Pittsburgh,PA offers and accelerated program. BA to RN BSN in 12 or 16 months. If I am not mistaken $45,000.
    We have had several of these students thru my unit. The ones with science backgrounds do much better.
    Good luck

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    I don't have the exact quote, but when Hillary's father was hospitalized several years ago, she said
    nurses were under-educated, under-worked, and over-paid. This was during Bill's presidency. She was approached by reporters after visiting her father in the hospital. I saw the interview on the news.
    I didn't like her before that, and she nailed the coffin shut, and has done nothing since to change my mind.

    Hillary for president, if it doesn't scare you, it should.

    A government big enough to give you everything you want,
    is strong enough to take everything you have.
    -Thomas Jefferson