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    I'm a new user to this forum and just ran across this post tonight; didn't read all the way through, but what I did read has sure been encouraging. I went back to school @ age 40 (got a BS many moons ago...Textiles et Clothing Merchandising...just meant I was an over-educated sales clerk...really didn't like retailing, so spent 14 years working in financial institutions...everything from PBX operator to mortgage loan originator), got my ADN @ 42 and have now been a nurse for 9 years. Am currently working on an adult psych unit @ a university am looking @ forensic nursing. Figure I have at least 15 years left in the work force...probably more! Glad to see so many other "oldsters."

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    Well, I made it through step #1...figuring out how to post this!! Hello, user here! Have been an RN for 9 years, psych and/or substance abuse treatment the entire time. Currently working adult psych inpatient @ university. Life-long Iowan (despite the 5 1/2 year sojourn in Utah.)