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    I am 65 - once I enter the program I should have my RN in a year and a half if all goes well

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    Thanks for the quick reply - I commend you, it is difficult to go to school and care for three children. Mine are all grown and on their own.

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    I am finishing up pre-reqs and applying to an RN program for the fall - I wonder how many of you are out there that are non traditional nursing students - I have a feeling I may be the oldest nursing student on this site.

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    Started at 59 will graduate at 62!

    Quote from jnette
    Started at 50, graduated at 53.

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    I hope not because I am two years older than you!

    Quote from FroggysMom
    Hmmm, would 58 be too old for an "older" student nurses forum??????

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    Here's one for you!
    1st age 17
    2nd age 18
    3rd age 39

    All from the same marriage - There are 20 years between my second and third children - the first two were boys and I wanted a girl - lucky for us the third was a girl

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    Nice to see someone in my "age group" - good luck!

    Quote from Angels'
    All Student Nurses

    Welcome to the All Nurses Forums"
    and the Best to each student nurse in all of your nursing career

    I had taken classes six years ago, this spring I've changed my career major to the Nursing Program. My classes begin next week. :Melody:

    A returning student

    "Footsteps In The Sand"

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    I am many, many years older than you and about to enter an RN nursing program. I have been a accountant for many years but have always wanted to be a nurse. With a great deal of encouragement from my husband and daughter I am finally going to do it. I will be working while I am going to school (it is an evening program) but I think I have figured out a decent schedule. My children are all grown so I really don't have any home obligations - all I have to do is work, go to school and study!!
    Good luck to you - I wish I had done this many years ago.

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    Another prayer from me - good luck - I'm sure you will do fine!

    Quote from CRNASOMEDAY25
    I went to orientation today. I have bought my books. I have a monagrammed uniform in my closet and white shoes. I even have a clinical assignment and drove by the hosopital today so I'd know where it was. I'm totally ready and excited to start my program.

    The only thing standing in my way is ONE math test. I take my calculus credit by exam test tomorrow to fufill the math requirement.

    I have moved 3 hours away from home to be here in school and I KNOW if I have to sit out a semester I will be so depressed I won't be able to study classes for another major to fill the time until I get back into another program.

    So, with that said, I HAVE to pass this test with a C tomorrow.

    Please pray that it is well with in my scope of knowledge and there are no surprises and I can do enough problems to get 70 points ( or whatever I need to get a C).

    Please pray that exact prayer for me tonight and all the way up till 2:00 o' clock tomorrow. I thank you in advance. :kiss

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    Looks like I have you beat - I'm 60 and will be starting an RN program in the fall of 2006 - I wish you good luck and success!

    Quote from caosper
    hi all --
    my first "reply" -- scanning a lot of the replies -- looks like i am the oldest by far -- i will be 57 this month -- i start nursing school in january. can't beat that with a stick!

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    Thanks for the postive energy! - and good luck to you - we too have the same free tuition benefit in Massachusetts after the the age of 60.

    Quote from JudithLane
    Oh, m'gosh!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you to MarieD and KgKarma and The Nursinator (Brian) and Nancy K and to all the others that are responding to this thread. At 60, after leaving 28 years of being a psychiatric social worker, I knew that I needed a change and also knew that I would want and need to work until at least age 70 or more. I am always the oldest in my pre-req classes----but have the highest grades!! (Let's hear it for age!) I do wish that all of you were here in Alabama----after age 60 tuition is free----they call it a "Senior Scholarship"!!! Registration fees and books,etc., must be paid, but the savings are enormous. I am highly energetic and motivated----the alternative is to continue to work as a therapist forever.....gads. So, again, thanks to all of you. Each of you responding in this thread has my support and I will always be sending positive energy your way!

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    I'm 60 and won't have my RN until I'm 62 - but I have a lot on energy - like you I hope I got my mother's genes - in that case I'll have a long career!

    Quote from The Nursinator
    Toddster -

    Just how do you define "late in life"? I'll get my RN this May at age 56. Based on my mom's health, this is still early in life. Based on dad's bad luck, I should give up all hope and wonder why I'm not dead yet.

    I'm betting on mom's genes and may go on for my MSN.

    Good luck!


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    Scholarships and financial aid - the state school system is always much cheaper although can be more competitive -good luck with your A & P class - I'm sure you'll do great!

    I use to work in corporate America as a sales support rep. got laid off at 60 years old and have been working part time for the city while going to school. My part time job just ended last Friday so now I have to seriously look for scholarships.

    Scholarships seem to be easier to get once you're in program.

    Wish some of you 50+ was in this anatomy class I'll be attempting this week.[/quote]

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    Just curious - what type is your occupation now? - I'm starting an RN program in the fall of 2006 (I'm 60) - I've been working in accounting and real estate for my whole working life so this will be a total change for me - although it is what I have always wanted to do.

    Not so fast Judithlane. I just turned 62 and have not been excepted into program yet. After this semester, I'll have 2 more prereq's to take.[/quote]

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    Looks like we are about the same age (I'm 60) - I'm going directly into a two year RN program in a community college. The programs around here are very competitive. It's nice to hear from others that are starting at our age. Good luck to both of you!:wink2:

    Quote from kgkarma
    YIKES!! I'm two years older than you and have 4 more classes before all of my prereq's are done. Hopefully, I can get in the LPN this September and then bridge to the RN program the next year. If not, it'll be 2007 before I'm expected into the RN program. I have to keep up grades up because the schools around here use a ranking system.

    So happy to hear I'm not the only one.