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    I am more creeped out about how she found all these names.
    I don't know al the first and last names of the nurses in the ER and ICU of my hospital and I've worked here for years.

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    It should be fairly easy to catch this person. Just make note of what days/shifts this occurs on. Then check to see who is working those shifts.
    Any why isn't anyone going in and turning the TVs off after this happens?

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    Hot flashes.
    Haven't been cold in years

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    Not sure if a necklace with DNR would be enough to qualify for a DNR.
    There is no signature. There is no record of a discussion with you that you do not want aggressive treatment.
    I hope you have the appropriate DNR paperwork somewhere that your family can access and use to back up your DNR wishes.
    That being safe, I agree with those who,have pointed out that there is a big difference between CPR for an acute care episode and DNR
    In a cancer pt.

    Of course, I have always joked that when I old I will have DNR tattooed a rose my chest, no feeding tube on my stomach and no enemas across my butt!!

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    As a person with a usually unknown medical condition, I say involve your pt. Ask them about their condition. I have taught many doctors and nurses about my condition, what it is, what I need from them and so forth.

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    Main thing is treat the girls as human beings - I know it can be difficult sometimes as they really, really seem to come from a different planet sometimes.
    We are women, not girls.

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    Ok. What the heck are "hot cheetos"??
    Cheetos that are spicy?
    Cheetos that have been heated up?
    Why are they so bad?

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    I am pretty sure you need to be not only bilingual to work in Quebec, but you also have know all the medical terms in French.
    I think there is an actual French language exam you have to,pass before you can be licensed to work.
    Best bet would be to contact the Quebec board of nursing for the qualifications needed.

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    [QUOTE][What I am getting at is that nothing was ever said about the .9 or only being allowed to work only 72 rather than 80. The handbook clearly states 80 hours. Why would someone leave one part of the hospital for less pay and less hours, they wouldn't. That would be stupid./QUOTE]

    People switch to less hours for many reasons. Returning to school, child care needs, getting older and want fewer hours, more time off for family, etc.

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    Quote from kosmopolitan
    Thank you, Been there, done that! My point exactly! I mean, I understand, I have no one to blame but myself. But seriously? I would never do what the charge nurse did to me This event happened a long time ago and I have since moved on to bigger and better opportunities. I just happened to read a few HIPAA questions and thought I would post my experience.
    Does not the charge nurse have a duty to report HIPAA infractions. I am Canadian but I know that if imbecome aware that another nurse has "breached confidentiality " as we call it here, I have a duty to report it.
    Maybe the charge nurse thought you had a piece of documentation to add to the chart that had been left behind on your unit.
    You were no longer part of the circle of care for this pt, so you had no right to read the notes, no matter what your intentions.

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    Can you hear call bells/ telephone when you are sitting in the other area?
    Can patients/visitors find you in the other area?
    If not, this might be why you are being asked to sit where your pts are.
    I don't know what a DSD and I don't know why you seem to disrespect her, but I agree with the above posters that this is ot an issue to make waves over.

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    Quote from BSNRNBC

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    Quote from wonderbrah
    I couldn't find my wallet. You don't think I tried to find it the night before and the morning of the test? Going home would have wasted time and I only had 30 minutes. The drive alone there and back is over 30 minutes.
    I hope you are not driving around without your driver's license. That could land you in some serious trouble.

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    Quote from Horseshoe
    I don't understand why anyone would be a PN in Canada if you are basically doing the exact same thing but being paid so much less.
    Because the RNs will have additional responsibilities that the RPNs do.not. Like being in charge, being a resource for new staff, taking over care of a patient if they become unstable, etc.
    I have had RPNs say they don't want to become RNs because of the increased responsibility.

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    I work in the GTA. Our unit is a mix of RNs and RPNs. We have one PSW to assist with care, empty garbage,,laundry, stock carts etc.
    I have 5 pts on a day shift. The PSW will do ADLs for 1 pt and I do the rest, plus all,other care. This is normal.
    4 pts on days is actually a good assignment.
    Once you get your time management skills in hand, you will do,better.