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    Hi everyone,

    I am new to this site so bare with me. First off a little about myself. I completed several education degrees and diplomas. I have my B.S. in Health Science, Major is Community Health Education/Public Health Ed, I have my MBA in Healthcare Management and I recently recieved my diploma in Medical assistanting.

    I join this site hoping to connect with healthful, advising individuals, nurses or nursing students in particular.

    I am formerly a pre-nursing student, but changed my major due to several rejections from the nursing program.

    I just want to know, if there is such a shortage of nurses, why am I being penalized for messing up at the beginning of my freshman year in college. GPA should not be a major factor in determining who should be considered. I mean, yeah, you don't want any dumb nurses, but look at classes that really matter like my science, not history subject that were not of greatest interest to me.

    Anyway, enough of that, I am currently seeking reentry into the nursing program, but going about it in a different route. I am looking into associate degree schools instead of those offering bachelors degree. So i hope that through reading and writing to the forum, I can get any helpful advice to accomplish being an excellent nurse.

    Well thanks for reading this somewhat lenghthy passage about myself. Hope to learn alot from this site.