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    good afternoon- hope everyone had a wonderfully merry christmas; i did- i graduated with an asn degree december 15-05. i am attending the rinehart review mid jan. and plan to take boards & pass before i begin work. i am very interested in any advice from any intensive care unit nurses (sicu/micu; surgical or medical)- that is where i am headed and i am very excited.

    i have a 4 yr old son that i want to be with as much as possible before beginning work; i have been in school since he was 2 and he remembers well the times that we had all to ourselves before then. he loves quote "that i am going to nurse people to better". for career day at his school he wore his incredible scrubs & birkenstocks and when asked who he is- he stated- i am a superhero doctor who saves the good people!
    thanks for this posting idea- i know that i am in a good place!
    :icon_cool happy new year 2006!- ducati