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RN turned Career Coach; from US
Specialty: 13 year(s) of experience in Open Heart Recovery, Trauma/Burn, Tele


I'm a former RN who made the career transition out of nursing and into a role that was a better fit. For me, Career Coaching was an excellent option. Now, I work with nurses to assess their current level of burnout, workplace mismatch, and co-create solutions to re-energize and experience more joy and sanity.

For those who are totally fed up with nursing and want out, I also specialize in career transition.

During my 13 years bedside I worked in various positions from a cardiac stepdown, to open heart recovery. Then, decided to be a travel nurse and see the amazing USA. As a traveler I did assignments in 8 states (mainly sunny ones as was trying to avoid snowy Northwest Ohio) and at 18 hospitals nationally. An amazing and profound experience I highly recommend.

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RN turned Career Coach
Open Heart Recovery, Trauma/Burn, Tele
13 years
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