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    I think I was trying to say that I choose not to spend a lot of time with those who don't do their homework, don't spend time trying to learn the lab skills and seem to do a lot of text messaging during classes.

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    1. If it was easy everybody would do it.

    2. Every one of us joins his/her own little clique, human nature.

    3. Every one of us talks about other people, human nature.

    4. Every one of us has to decipher the confusing syllabi, assignments, check offs, readings in 7-8 books, nature of school system.

    5. Personally, I try to encourage the students who come up to me and ask for todays homework so they can copy it, to do their own work. I've got enough to do without having to worry about them.

    6. I'm one of them high acheivers who's trying to excel (GPA=4.0) and if it means not being buddies with everyone in the class, so be it. Crass as it seems, I'm not there to make friends, I'm there to become a nurse.

    7. Just do the best you can. Your teachers will help you if they see you're floundering. Keep your eyes on the goal.

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    Hi TriageRN 34

    This was an exactly similar situation that made me ask my original question. Not knowing the circumstances surrounding the PT wounds would be helpful in the moment. Perhaps justice will be served in jail where child molesters aren't very welcomed. Thanks everyone for the thoughtful posts.

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    Doing my ethics paper and looking for input concerning ethical implications of treating or refusing to treat patients convicted of child sexual abuse, child rape and murder or other similarly repulsive acts. Having a hard time finding any articles on this specific subject. Suggestions, opinions, general ramblings....? There must be some of you who've dealt with these situations'd you do it? Any inner conflicts? Thanks.