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    Hi all,
    I have encountered an interesting problem while I have been trying to gain my nursing registration in Australia.

    This is a loooong story but I am trying to make it short and simple. I graduated as a RN from Finland in 2007. I have 6 years of experience from nursing from Finland and Switzerland. I moved to Australia in Feb 2014 (my partner is Australian) and since that I have been in the process of obtaining the nursing registration here.

    AHPRA assessed my application and qualifications for 1,5 years. I was referred to a bridging course in October 2015. I applied to Monash bridging program recently but I was told in the interview that my nursing knowledge is not on the required level.

    I have contacted Aphra and ANMAC about the matter. AHPRA says the course provider should just enrol me (they won't) and ANMAC tells I should try and look into other course providers courses.

    Here is my question: what is the required level of knowledge in Australia?

    This is the answer by Monash: to be successful in the application process I need to be able to remember by heart all different kind of medical conditions from all different specialty areas of nursing (medicine), the symptoms and treatment & medication. Also I must know all the post operative care plans for any operation "from head to toe". I was also informed that as a RN in my clinical placement I would be the only nurse responsible of the morning medication round of 46 (?!) patients and I only would have time to do it 45 minutes.

    I must admit I don't remember by heart all the theories and symptoms of different medical conditions. What it comes to medication my work experience is from countries where working language has been Finnish or French so I am not sure even if the medication here would have the same names. I doubt.🙄 Also I do admit I don't remember or even know all the after care plans for all different operations. I wonder if any nurse does?

    I just would like to get an opinion from someone who works in Australia and knows the system. What are really the knowledge requirements and the conditions of work? If anyone has experience from different bridging courses here in Oz that info would be much appreciated too. 🙂

    Thank you in advance.
    Cheers 🙂