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    I'll be 38 with 5 and 7 year-olds. I am a court reporter now, but decided to get into nursing. I obviously can't go full time into an RN program, so I decided to do the ladder program which is starting off as a CNA for 9 weeks study, then Acute Care Tech for 9 weeks study, then LVN. I've completed the CNA and Acute Care, and my name was literally pulled out of a hat to get into the LVN program. Your age has nothing to do fullfilling a dream. You will know who your closest family and friends are when they will be there to help you babysit during clinicals or anytime you need help and not expecting to get paid, because obviously sometimes, money comes short.
    I just saw Oprah show who had a lady on there who wanted to be a doctor since she was in high school, but got pregnant and married. She later had 5 children and worked many jobs while going to nursing school. though she felt guilty, she made sure she was at every school function for her children and she did her homework along with her children. That's dedication and commitment!! Once she became an RN, she still had in her mind she wanted to become a doctor. (by the way, she divorced her husband who was not supportive as she went to nursing school.) Although she dared not to tell anyone she wanted to be a doctor, she applied to Yale med school and got accepted. she will be graduating in a couple of weeks as the first grandmother in yale med school. It was a touching story and inspirational. You can do it!! Stay away from negative people.

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    Hey PT:
    I attened Chaffey CNA and Acute Care tech course. Chaffey has the best nursing instructors and want to help you. They are strict, but it's because the state mandates you complete certain hours. Would you want a nurse that missed the day of inserting needles -- joke. Anyhow, I got accepted to LVN this summer. Going to school is like a job. You need to be prepared with your equipment and have proper attire. Constantly being tardy or repeaters are just a disruption to class. In general, Chaffey has excellent nursing instructors.

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    The LVN program has applications once a year. This time around, there were 80 on the list. They literally randomly pull 40 names out of a hat with 10 alternates. It's just by matter of luck. The best counselor to see is Ms. Star or Starbuck. I can't remember the last name. It's one of the two. She counsels students who are interested in the nursing dept. Don't see anybody else. I have experienced other counselors of no help.
    I believe they pick the same amount for the RN as well due to limited space available at the campus. However, in 2009 they will be expanding the LVN class and they will be accepting applications twice a year with double the size of students. I hope I have answered any questions.

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    Anybody in LVN or RN program @ Chaffey? Particularly LVN since I will be starting in May? I need help with math. Please, please, please, any input as to what kind of math to study. I desperately need help with converting fractions to decimals to percents, and vise-versa. Just can't get that darn stuff. Right now, I'm rememorizing the conversions of measurements.:redlight:

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