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    hi! i'm a nurse from the UK, and i've just passed the NCLEX. i am now looking for a jobin the US, preferably around SF area, as my boyfriend lives in Fairfield,CA. do you know any hospitals within that area that would be interested in recruiting international nurses, especially the ones that offer sign-in bonus? also, have you got any idea how much salary they offer? by the way, i am an operating room nurse and i have almost 10yrs. experience.
    i would be greatful if you could please send me a reply.

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    Can anyone pls tell me if it would be easy to apply for bank accounts/credit cards even if i don't have any assistance from an agency such as OGP? I am a Nurse, also from UK. I applied and passed the NCLEX exam on my own and now looking for an employer in the US. Also, can you recommend any good hospitals in CA? Preferably the ones who offer sign-in bonus? Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thank you.