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    Quote from Farawyn
    Someone's got a case of The Mondays.
    Whoops, where did that come from? I usually just delete my passive aggressive comments before posting them. Back to my lurking cave... (this never happened).

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    Quote from Angelicpurl
    A few comments related:
    I was once a sick kid vomiting in the office with patents who couldn't come get me. I lived an hour from the school and mom had taken our only car to a funeral. I didn't qualify for the day off for it as it was a family friend. No family to pick me up and no cell phones to call either (before cell phones). Dad was wheelchair bound, so getting in another vehicle besides mom's van she drove was awkward to impossible and he couldn't drive anyway. Our neighbors all worked.
    I've been the parent stuck at work too. I was 2 hours away from the school doing a home health admission, my office was an hour from the school (& school wouldn't release my son to them because I can only have 3 names on his list), my husband was driving out of state, AND the sitter wasn't picking up her 2 backup people were both out also (one literally giving birth & other having surgery).
    Life DOES happen. I had 4 backup plans, but I couldn't help they all fell through on the same day. BTW, I got a new sitter after that. And added that anyone from my work could get my son if I called with the name and code word.

    OH, OKAY! Thanks for clarifying because this thread was all about you!

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    Thank you to everyone for sharing your various experiences. It has been enriching to read through each of them.

    I would like to share a story that doesn't fit the "ghost story" category, but will fit in to the spiritual theme this thread has also adopted.

    I apologize that I cannot quite keep up with all of the medical knowledge/terminology most of this community is well-versed in. I am very new to the medical field...
    (thank you for your patience and understanding)

    One of my very best friends growing up had a sister born with Cerebral Palsy. She was severely disabled physically and mentally, completely dependent on her caregiver. She could not speak, but could laugh. My friend lived in a very old country home that had been added onto. Her room was one of the add-ons, and you had to walk through her sister's room to get to it. Most days, her sister would sleep in like any other teenager (she was several years older than us). However, without fail, any time I stayed over on a Saturday night, my friend and I would be woken up bright and early on Sunday morning from her sister in the next room laughing hysterically. Her sister would seemingly trace things with her eyes across her ceiling from her electric bed, and would simply be elated and amused by whatever she was "seeing(?)" every single Sunday morning. Her family, being religious, simply chalked it up to, "Angels visit her on Sunday". I, growing up in a non-religious setting (not Atheist, just not practicing any religion), was intrigued by this explanation. How exceptional that a person whom you may figure has a low quality of life was potentially aware of a realm in which the able-bodied may never fully experience...