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    Happily done with finals, we took them last week! It is quite nice to relax a bit now...but I am already working on next semester...we have reading assignments and case studies due the first week. The fun never stops!
    Good luck on finals!

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    The hospital where I am doing my clinicals has Micromedix, absolutely awesome program...but since I am affiliated with the hospital I can download the "mobile-micromedix" for free. It is part of their subscription, as well as any other hospital that uses it. It takes you through the process of getting their customer number (simple mouse click at the facility)and everything.
    It is fantastic for me because I am Med/Surg by day at one hospital, and NICU by night at has every drug under the sun, all dosages, uses, if your facility has it....get the customer number and download...FREE...your facility doesn't tell you these things!

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    It's me, shannonSRN, I changed my name, YEY!

    I will tell was somewhat unorthodox! I made the portfolio (resume and references up front) they never even looked! (I was a bit upset, I worked hard on it, lol) The recruiter gave me information on pay, benefits, etc..., I was then introduced to the asst. mgr. of the unit, she asked me questions such as to describe my previous duties at my last job, how I dealt with a difficult patient or family member. That was all...she then spent about 45 min showing me the unit, that took longer than the question answer session!
    It was much less stressful than I thought it would be! It's our dream job, it should be stressful for us, but I think we make it a bit worse on ourselves than we should! (I only know that now!) It was a good thing I wore a suit jacket, we'll just leave it at that, lol!
    Oh well! Stick to the portfolio, someone will want to look at it! I am still going to one more interview, just to check out the competition! They wanted references from professors, transcripts, the whole-nine, so I know they will want to look at the portfolio!
    Good luck to all, I will let you know what happens with the other interview, they seem to be very formal!