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    Besides from medical,dental and vision insurance, what other insurances that I must get? Just migrated to NYC .Any info will be appreciated.

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    hello guys! I would like to buy a saunders lpn review book, do you know where can i get it except from online?thanks

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    how about in bronx area?where can I buy good priced scrubs?Thanks

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    Hello fellow NY nurses. Im moving soon to bronx and will be working around west kingsbridge. Looking for apartments to move on. Suggestions will be highly appreciated.Thanks

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    Quote from jooycee
    Hi, I want to know if we can bring to US the saunders book reprint from C & E in recto? it cost 798php.The original is 1,500something with cd.It has pls
    Hello everyone, I really need feedback on this because I want to buy the 1500 pesos saunders book but I want to make sure that I can bring it in US, anyone experience bringing it to US.Thanks a lot.

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    Quote from FutureUSRN
    I took the RN local board in the Philippines last year. Together with me who took the exam was a family-friend and also our doctor. She asked me to phone her once I've seen the release of the list of passers. So one night I was browsing the internet - PRC website and INQ7 to look for RN passers when suddenly both publish the list. In short, I tried to look for my name and was filled with joy when I saw it. I remember the request of my friend so I look for her name also and saw it too.

    So I phone her and told her "Doktora, nurse na po kayo!!!" (Doctor, you're now a nurse!!!")......
    more jokes...more...more...

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    I like it, it was good

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    my cvs took 9 months, calling them always will help.

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    What if I received a eligibility letter fron NYBON and I dont want to register to pearson vue yet, is there any expiration for the eligibility letter,

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    hello suzanne...what will be the next step after cgfns forwarded my CVS to NY BON.How will I know my eligibility status?tks:spin:

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    Quote from nurse dependent
    st. luke's medical continued...

    day two

    step 1: present your notice- ground flr, guard
    the 2nd day begins at around 10am for you. no numbers. no nothing. just present your notice, the guard will check your names in the masterlist.

    even if your kids will not be subjected to any shots, you are still required to bring everybody.

    assuming that day one ended well, no instructions were given for additional test requirements (if yes, you have to follow them accordingly, of course), then you're off to...

    step 2: immunization - 2nd flr

    quite a queue. as expected, this process has it own time and motion. prepare to wait. and i mean waaaiiiiit.

    don't worry, the kids don't have to be restless at this point because there's a "kiddie area" near the immunization room. ask a personnel to turn on the tv and the dvd player if it isn't.

    also, prepare yourself to the off-chance that your papers are not grouped together. this means you'll be called inside the immunization room one-by-one. this is a trivial reason for the whole process to take this much time.

    wifey and i received only one shot, mmr. it should've been 2, alas, their tetanus vaccine is out of stock. you'll be instructed to get this once you're in the us. if you fail to present your chicken pox scars, then that's another needle for you.

    kids with no immunization records are subjected to 3 shots. lots of crying kids here. me 9-yr old and baby were spared from this agony. :d

    step 3: releasing- grnd flr

    a period of looonnnngggggg wait!

    wait for your names to be called. at this point, you may wish to stay in a different area, or a different floor. the releasing area is cramped full of people. don't worry. their pa system is quite efficient. you'll hear your names wherever you are in the building. just don't turn your ipod volumes to full blast.

    your names will be called in any of the windows twice. first one will just require your to sign on the papers and submit your 2 visa pictures. for the second, and last one, they will ask you and your kids simple questions in order to verify your identity (and your embassy interview date). and finally, you'll be made to sign for the last time.

    again, prepare for the eventuality that your names might not be called one after the other. your papers are not grouped, methinks. this contributes to the loooooong wait.

    you're advised that your medical results and all your passports will be forwarded to embassy.

    that's it! so simple a process for day 2, right? nah! it took us 5 hours to finish these 2 simple tasks!

    at least, you're done. why, i suggest that you treat yourself and your family to the nice eats available in the nearby hizon's bakery. quite pricey, but truly satisfying. this joint is a personal favorite.

    good luck my friends!

    thank you so much for the input very much appreciated, please share your us embassy experience also

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    Quote from suzanne4
    Renter's insurance for the apt, that covers your belongings in case of fire, theft, etc.
    Car insurance if you get one of those.
    Health insurance should be included for you, and you will have to pay for your family.

    It has been along day at work, those are the first things that came to my mind.
    thanks:angel2: great help

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    Quote from BADDUDES91
    tks suzanne
    hello suzanne what are the different insurance we will be needing once we get employed and how much usually they will cost us in new york?tks:spin:

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    Quote from suzanne4
    The public schools are actually free, you are paying for it with your taxes.
    tks suzanne

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    Quote from nrgacias
    gapuz and pentagon are good according to some nurses. RCAP not so.
    some of my co nurses took 3 month comprehensive in RUN then combine with 5 day crash review with labagnoy..its your choice