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    with most jobs, i think i can even say all, youll find yourself smiling, happy with everything, then the following day comes around and you want to pull your hair out. as someone said, the people with the extreme negativity was probably venting, and so i am glad i made this forum because its showed me a complete different side. from the looks of it, most enjoy it. thank you for your time and honesty! its very much appreciated.

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    Quote from Rayrae
    Well, I think I'm burning out already and I'm only a nurse since the end of June. I don't think it's for me... I'm not a patient strong enough person to deal with it all, which is my problem. A lot of times at work I'll have a kid screaming or getting upset over something like the pulse ox probe, and I'll just be thinking, "why don't you just SHUT UP, this is NOT that big a deal!!!"

    I think my expectations were too high, of what nursing would be like and of my own capabilities. I don't know what my problem is. I seem to lose a lot of my compassion on the job... not in how I act to the patients but in the way I think, for sure!! I get extremely fed up with parents, with patients, etc., even though I KNOW they are under stress/anxious(parents), or don't really understand what's going on (kids). There are some kids I do love. But seems to me like there are many spoiled brats too. Go ahead and flame me please... I really know I deserve it. I'm being serious. But to all the parents who say... "I don't know HOW you all do this job!!!" I'm saying, well, I don't either know how these nurses stick around... they are amazing people which I will never be!! I may just need to get into another field of nursing. I do love most kids, but maybe I'm just not meant to take care of sick ones.

    But I think if you are able to keep a positive attitude towards the profession and be realistic about the difficulty and stress of it, especially at first, then you will do well and end up enjoying it. Go into it with your eyes open and really research the positions you're applying for, and don't just take your first job offer because you're so excited! (that's what I did)
    in the past ive seen how patient/nurturing nurses can be and its really something else. i on the otherhand sometimes wont be able to hold my tongue, which puts me in a rut when it comes to this job. you can try to understand the parents, kids, people, but at the same time youd wish they would understand its hard on both parts. you want to help, but with a parent next to you, questioning, yelling, being nurotic, doesnt make things easier for anymore. i hope you find yourself in a place you enjoy more.

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    Quote from nursepenny
    On a scale of 1-10 pros and cons

    working holidays, weekends ......... 7
    cleaning puke, bm, mucous ......... 6
    disgruntled family members ......... 6
    arrogant doctors, staff ......... 6
    low pay ......... 6
    upper level management ......... 6
    no respect ......... 9

    saving a life ........... 10+
    seeing a newborn @ 2.8lbs,
    turn into a thriving healthy baby ......... 10+
    seeing a vent pt, breathing on
    their own and no longer requiring
    assistance ......... 10+
    a recovering CVA pt, ambulating ......... 10+
    good co-workers who carry
    their own load and then assist
    you when they can ......... 10+
    gratitude from pts, or family ......... 10+
    appreciation from other medical
    feild workers ......... 10+

    I am sure you can think of more, but when I add my scores up, being a nurse
    out weighs not being a nurse!!!

    just my honest opinion
    this was extremely helpful, seeing a lot of aspects and how high/low it is to you. thank you.

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    Quote from crjnursewarrior
    It all depends...some days I think I should have gone to truck driving school instead !! Other days I am very proud to be part of the profession. As a rule, most days are good. It usually is not the work or the actual patients that get you down, but some of the idiots you are forced to work with, the lazy nurses, the "super"nurses, and the administrative crud that goes on in most places. These are the downers! Otherwise, it is nice to think you are helping people (even criminals--I work in a correctional facility). Somedays are think, "I can't believe I'm getting paid this much to do this job"...other days are the are screaming "I DON'T GET PAID ENOUGH TO PUT UP WITH THIS NONSENSE!!!"
    it worries me that so many nurses have talked about the people they work with in a negative way. just as everyone else, i too, want to be treated with respect. there are so many nurses who have talked about doctors talking down to them, head nurses, etc. etc. where ever i end up working in the future, id hope to get along with them. i wont get ahead of myself because naturally there are people who you just dont click with, but i think you get what im saying. thank you for your honesty!

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    Quote from TheCommuter
    I scheduled my NCLEX examination for December 28, 2005. I am not officially a 'licensed nurse' until I possess a license, so I cannot yet appropriately respond to your question.

    However, I think this is a good thread to bump back to the top of the stack for some renewed dialogue.
    good luck on the exam!

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    i came across a post, some saying they regret becoming one, some saying the love what they do. this post was from a while back, so im trying to get new imput on it. how do you feel about it? what is your daily rountine like? etc. etc.

    all opinions welcomed and appreciated

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    Quote from luvmy2angels
    I chose to go to a trade school, i am getting my LPN for now and then will do a home study to get my RN. I don't think there are any trade schools for your RN, just your LPN. I think if you want to get your RN you need to go to a college. I know the trade school I go to won't transfer any of my credits, but they have a contract with one of the local hospitals that has their own RN program and they will accept us after we finish our LPN training. A lot of the students in my class will attending that college after we are done here.
    that would it explain it. i assumed they had trade school for nursing(rn) cause i knew they had trade schools for nursing, period. this information was very helpful, thank you. good luck with your lpn and rn!

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    Quote from Fun2Care
    Don't get me wrong, some of the tech schools may have transferable classes. That is something to ask, but ask the local colleges around you!! I wouldn't rely on the tech school to give you an answer for this.

    If you call the local colleges where you may want to go in the future, they will tell you if that particular school accepts credits from 'XYZ Tech School'.

    If not, you may end up having to retake classes at the college when you go to further your education.

    Good luck! :hatparty:
    i actually haven't even found any trade schools for nursing(rn) to discuss, but if found i will go and find out the details. i need the luck, i'm swamped with everything. thank you!

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    Quote from Fun2Care
    I would go to a college or university, and not a trade school.

    Many trade schools are extremely expensive, and their credits do not transfer.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
    that little bit of information helped a lot. i did not know that their credits dont transfer. i'm knew to all of this, trying to gather load sums of information at one time, but thank you so much.

    & everyone else who gave their opinions, i appreciate it a whole lot. i figured college would be the better choice anyways, just wanted to get all the information i could. thanks for your time.

    any more opinions would still be appreciated.

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    instead of making two posts, i'm going to combine it.

    first off, i'm wondering about which is better (in which ever way) when it comes down to choosing a college or a trade school for nursing(rn). what's you opion(s) on it? which one have you choosen? why? etc. second off, i can't seem to even be able to search / get information sent to me about trade schools in new york city. if you know any sites specifically for trades, that have schools in manhattan, i'd be very grateful. i've only seem to have come across ittech, gibbs, the online trade schools which i haven't heard wonderfully about. your thoughts, please.

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    Quote from zoeboboey
    Hi Georgiana, try this career forum (it is part of allnurses) for some good ideas, good luck!
    thank you - as i told the poster, the information was really helpful.

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    i've found sites that give the specific careers withing nursing, except they didn't mention a lot of the ones you gave.

    thank you so much, all of your information was extrmeley helpful!

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    Hi, my name is Georgiana and I'm 17 years old. Just graduated from high school this Spring and am looking into possible career choices. I've been looking into the equestrian studies (which is hard to pursue considering I live in Manhattan), jr. high or high school guidence counslor, and a nurse (possibly an ER Nurse, not sure yet). I've read a couple of postings, have got a lot of great information and will continue to.