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    our hospital just gave the icu nurses an across the board raise also. this was done for a couple of reasons... we are required to maintain more certifications than other departments (bls,acls,pals, tncc), we are also required to be dual licenced and float between 3 icu's in 2 states. and the biggest was because we were having so much trouble getting and keeping qualified staff.
    the pacu is not part of the icu division at our hospital though. they also don't recover icu inpatients and if a pt is staying vented post op even if it was an out pt they alot of times don't recover them either or they do it on the unit for 20 min and call it done. so we thought it was fair for us to get the raise especially as we are required to work weekends, holidays and 12 hour shifts nights. hope that helps with your question.

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    Our hospital started this and it has been going really well. We as nurses were all worried it would be a problem. We were worried the families would use it if there call light wasn't answered quick enough (and as one of the rapid responders I was especially worried). We have had no issues with this though, the only times the families have called it was legit. Our families took it very seriously almost like calling 911.
    Hope that helps:spin:

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    "I think the key difference is that asbestos and lead are things that are completly hidden and you would be exposed to without your consent. If you want to have a beer and or dinner and dont want to be exposed to smoke then you can easily choose an establishment that does not allow smoking. of course there are fewer of them than places that allow smoking. If all these people who vote against smoking would vote with their dollars by choosing non smoking establishments then they would have far more choices of places that where smoke free, and thier individual choices would not be forced on others"

    I live in Iowa and we are not a smoke free state as yet which means my choices in the "market" are limited to pretty much zero. I would be happy to put my "money" to work but without this law that is not my option. I'm sure there are others out there with the same problem.

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    Hi, I'm an ICU nurse and just want to make a couple of comments. Please don't be discouraged and give up trying to get into the ED. I had a varied amount of experience in multiple areas when I went into ICU. so it can be done. Right now hospitals are dying for experienced nurses. I am also one of those nurses who believe new grads should start in the med/surg areas. I think new nurses need that chance to learn organization and also need the chance to see what is normal. They need to be able to recognize what is normal to be able to see and respond quickly to someone going bad. Just my thoughts :spin:

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    Hi I work ICU also and we have ICU governance. It's very new for us and is still in it's babyhood sorta speak. We are getting some things accomplished though. It seems like as we get one issued ironed out something new comes up though. We just put out the first draft of our guidelines for vote. We had some problems getting started because our manager didn't want to let us "govern" certain things but hopefully it will be a good thing for the unit. We have some problems right now with people complaining about things that are being decided but not being willing to participate in the meetings. I'd be happy to help you as much as possible. We could be helping each other.LOL.
    Good luck

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    Hi, this is my first response to a thread. We don't dilute lasix IVP we give up to 100mg. But it does have to be pushed slowly like 10mg per minute or it can cause hearing loss. I can see where places would do the diluting though because of that. I agree with looking for your P & P too good luck.