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    I also had 85 questions, with like 7 check all that apply. I had a ton of prioritizing patient questions, at least 3 cultural questions, and like 10 IV and drug calcs, and drugs and diseases I had never heard of. I felt also like I failed Kristin, but hang in there, I passed mine on 7-26. I was so sure I failed that I logged on the next morning to my state board's website and printed out my form for my retake.....There is hope :spin:

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    Quote from nursing grad 07
    i just checked my board of nursing and no longer have a work permit, because i have a lpn license. i cannot believe it-good luck to all of you on your boards, i know you can all do it too!! nursing grad 07
    many congratulations to you!!!!

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    I had taken my NCLEX-PN on July 26th, and passed with 85 questions....Much luck to you all that are about to take the NCLEX....
    :spin: :spin:

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    Congratulations!! I am so happy for you!!

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    Quote from starbabyfive
    out of curiosity...did you use an nclex pn book while you went through the program itself or just when you were preparing for the test itself??
    if any of you did use a particular one throughout your program...i'm all ears. my first day of school is aug. 1. counting the hours...........
    personally, my first half of school i concentrated more on the studies that my teachers had laid out for us, because if you are like me, i was 41 when i started school, it is an adjustment phase, and i just concentrated on learning and understanding the material, not just memorizing enough to ace tests. when the second half of school came around, and i was more comfortable and understood the terms that i was studying, i had purchased 2 different programs i would practice on from springhouse on cd rom:

    1. medical surgical nursing made incredibly easy

    and even though i was in lpn school i purchased the cd rom

    2. nclex- rn review made incredibly easy.

    i never did purchase saunders, kaplan, etc. the last 3 weeks before my nclex, i did go online to and enrolled to their online study plan, which is from ncsbn (the makers of the nclex), and it is a very thorough review, imo. it is all a matter of whatever you feel that you need to do...
    any program or book is a help i am sure though....
    during your program, you will better know for yourself what your weak areas and your strong areas are, and you can adjust accordingly to your weakness and know what to work on more. hope this helps! :spin: good luck in school ! :spin:

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    Another course that seems to help is the one from NCSBN, the makers of the NCLEX. I subscribed to it 3 weeks before my exam....

    Good luck, and NEVER give up on your dreams!

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    Quote from scoobydoo32
    thanks i found out this afternoon i passedthanks for all of ur support


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    If you registered online with , you can go to your page with your login name and password and it will let you know when you can get your results, if they are there yet. I luckily have a state that sends ours to our state board which updates every weekday at 3 pm, so I didnt have to pay the 7 dollars and something to get my quick results. (but IMO, to know if you passed what is <$8.00?, it would be worth it to me). My quick results were available as soon as my state board got my results. As far as taking your test on a weekend, I have no idea, because we all have taken ours Monday - Thursday. But I would start checking there if you are online registered with Pearsonvue.....Hope this helps!

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    I live in WV and every day at 3 pm they update the site, that is how I found out I passed.....I also had the check all that apply questions and they are nasty....Just keep in mind that from what I understand that the PRIORITIZING questions are higher level questions, and if you are good at the prioritizing questions, we were told that they are very important to the exam....Trust me, I was sure I failed....It was that bad! How long will you have to wait to get your results??? (I am praying for you and crossing my fingers!) Good Luck!! Carla

    *Edited to add content*
    I had quite a few cultural questions (at least 5), like 11 IV calcs, a lot of drug questions of drugs I had never heard of (I must guess, and a couple of DISEASE questions of diseases I had never heard of before also....It was a hard, confusing, and terrible test IMHO...:smiley_ab

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    Quote from NNNikki
    Thanks for your prayers and congratulations! I took my test today and only had about 85 questions. I don't have a CLUE how I did.
    Well, I know how you feel. I took my NCLEX-PN on 7-26 and SWORE I failed it, I was so sure I failed it I went on my state's website and printed out the forms to REPEAT the computer stopped at 85, and I PASSED... Let me tell ya, the 28 1/2 hours of waiting to find out was murder.... Good Luck!

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    Quote from Emerld2000
    Thanks for the suggestions.
    I have walked out of so many tests lately thinking I just want to pass. Im not comfortable with the material and I know Im going to need to know it for the BIG test, NCLEX. Congrats on almost finishing your BSN. Hopefully when forth quarter hits I to will start seeing the end of the tunnel. I don't think I would mind some Bs but as far as a C goes that to risky our school requires a 75 average.Thanks agian.
    :uhoh21: Our school requires we maintain an 80 average to pass....I am due to graduate in June, I went through my burnout period earlier this month, Take the others advise and take some time to yourself...It really works!

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    Well, we look like the people from olden days in ALL WHITE... Our uniforms suck.... you can see us from a mile away we stand out like a sore thumb. The pants are huge and have bell bottoms, and they are terrible. Paid an arm and a leg for them also, and when I graduate in June, I am burning mine also....

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    I will be done with LPN school in June. The first semester is the weirdest (or it was for me, I was out of High School in '82) because of so many years past since I was in school. Even for the smartest people in my class it is not a picnic. Keep studying, keep does tend to get easier than it was in the beginning in some ways, each individual is different. One person may be good in one subject, but not so great in another...I just say Thank God every time a final comes around and I pass...I got a B in one final, and was thankful I did, I told myself, hey, a B is good...could be worse

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    Quote from mel1213
    Index cards and lots of!!!
    I started LPN school in July.....Get prepared for the use of HIGHLIGHTER HEAVEN....STOCK UP NOW!!!!

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    LOL my first 2 weeks of clinicals all but 2 patients I had were chronic COPD'ers, overweight, and I got to give bed baths to them in CHAIRS. Its not a fun task.....