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    I'd like to encourage you to talk to the nurses (and other staff members). Its nice to have that type of relationship and builds trust. It also makes you more approachable.

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    I went to RSCC and am about to finish TN Wesleyan's RN-BSN program. I loved RSCC! You can't beat the price and the education was spot on. I think our whole class passed the NCLEX the first try. TWU's online RN-BSN program is really affordable (~8k) and is super doable. I started right after I graduated and it takes 1 year if you do it full time (I also worked and have a family). TWUs instructors are great and they really understand a working RNs schedule. I couldn't stomach the price of TWUs regular BSN program so I did it this way and it came out to be a lot cheaper. My employer also offers tuition reimbursement!

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    As an ER nurse, if someone come into the ER with a "high BP" of 170 they are going to get an eyeroll. Stuff like that needs to be managed by the PCP, not the ER. Sure, we can lower it but most of our docs won't. I'm sure there are situations that warrant an ER visit but for the patient you described above I would not recommend the ER. I think your current parameter are ok.

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    Yes, you can still get a job. It depends on where you live on how hard it will be. Where I am I had no trouble and was hired before graduation. To a Magnet hospital no less. I did have to agree to get a BSN within x amount of years but I planned on it anyway.

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    This is hilarious! Just buy some Poo-Pourri and poop where thou will.

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    Reapply and pay the fee again and wait for a new ATT

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    It would be helpful to give a more specific location. East, Middle, West? Metro/rural? That said I don't think TN pays as much as other states.

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    I am fully confident in our police officers. We even have dedicated K9s. They back the staff 1000%

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    Ditch 'em! You can always google anything you want to know.

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    I like my Sketchers tennis shoes. They have a memory foam insole and come in a lot of fun colors. I'm sure you will get a different recommendation from everyone!

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    Check out Dave Ramsey! He gives amazing financial advice. You are in a great place to really start making a plan, setting goals and saving.

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    Tested this afternoon. In and out in 1 hour and with 75 questions. I did the PVT and I got the "good" pop up. Still waiting to celebrate until I see my quick results but the PVT definitely relieved some anxiety!

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    I'm testing 6/12! I did Hurst Live review and am now re-watching some videos, studying the book and doing the quizzes. I also am doing UWorld.

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    That is the "good pop up" but wait for quick results or your BON before celebrating.

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    I did Hurst as well and am also testing 6/12! I've only taken one test so far. I just got my ATT so have been waiting because I didn't know when it would come. I'd say just keep reviewing everything, finish the last two tests and then do some customizer quizzes if you want too.