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    Quote from jbowers_1
    Hopetopassnclex, Sorry I haven't been on to reply and thank you! But to answer your question, I felt that the Kaplan program and the questions I practiced with their course were similar difficulty to the questions I was answering on the exam. I wouldn't say that I felt Kaplan made the NCLEX "easier", but I would say that it almost felt like I was doing practice questions just more nerve wrecking because it was the actual test! If your doing Kaplan, I would recommend doing as many of the practice questions as you can and understand the rationales for each even if you got the answer right. If you don't understand the rationale (some are pretty vague), look over notes, search the web etc.
    Thanks, I appreciate. Good luck as you move on in this profession.

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    Congratulations Ladies!

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    Hello, Congrats! Do you think the Kaplan qbank was the same level with the questions you saw on the Nclex. Thanks

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    Hope you passed .

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    Quote from HeatherAnn2901

    I know that it seems daunting but your best bet would be to read each section of the book and answer the practice questions at the end of each chapter. And lastly take the comprehensive at the end of the book! Make sure to read the rationales even if you answered the question correctly, this will help for the actual NCLEX.

    If you have already done a core content review ( I did Hurst) then I wouldn't necessarily say you should read all of the content in the Pearson book. I recommended brushing up on topics you struggle with. I did the Hurst review and for additional practice I did every NCLEX style question at the end of each chapter in the Pearson book, and the Comp at the end.

    One important recommendation I have is to read the chapters in Pearson about test taking strategies and how to answer questions. The NCLEX has a certain way it wants you to answer questions in order for them to be correct. Start with that so that you have a general idea of how to properly answer the NCLEX style questions, and then Practice Practice! I say this becasue there were questions that I had on my NCLEX that I honestly didn't know the correct answer, however probably got them correct just knowing how to critically think through to determine the answer.

    Let me know if you have any more questions, I'm glad to help! When are you taking your NCLEX?
    Thank you so much for our input, I appreciate your help.

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    Oh thanks. Did you find it helpful on the nclex? I would like to do more of the questions than reading the whole book. It is overwhelming to me. Did you finish the question bank? Thanks for your input.

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    Congrats dear. Is it the Mary Ann Hogan comprehensive review for the nclex-rn that you used?

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    Quote from Catcat03
    The critical thinking on the questions was perfect in preparing me for the questions for the nclex. Uworld was amazing, but the test questions were nothing compared to Lippincotts Questions I used it to get test ready. I kept doing 75 question practice exams. The first test I took from Lippincott pretty much said I was not likely to pass. That made me stop and think about what the question was asking me because the questions I had gotten wrong were for misreading the question, in other words, going too fast. Leading up the exam, I got results saying likely to pass.
    Woo! Awesome. I will star doing the practice questions. Thank you so much.

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    Congrats! Please how helpful is Lippincott rn- pass point.

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    Quote from Gretel01
    Hello!... I need help with priority questions,I've listen the audios but still have problems answering this questions,mainly when I have to select
    which patient to attend first!!
    Any tips please??
    Hi, I too am prparing to write the Nclex. My advice to you is that you have to know your content, like the systems and disease conditions and management, if you don't know it , it could be hard for you to know which patient to see first. you shoud be able to visualise which patient if unattended in a minute or so will cause death or harm to the patient. If you dont know the content , it will not be that easy to picture the first patient to see. Goodluck to all of us who are preparing to take nclex.

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    Congratulations! Happy for you. Thank God, HE answerd your prayers. Please i sent you a PM.

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    In PVT
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    Quote from Athenakazoo
    I need some help and reassurances!!!
    I took my NCLEX yesterday at 1:00pm at King of Prussia, PA and was completed by 3:30pm. I left there in a fog of discontent.. thinking I messed the whole thing up because I committed the cardinal nursing student sin of waiting too long after the completion of nursing school to take the test... I swore on all things holy that I would wait for the results but have since lost my mind and just tried the Pearson Vue trick 2x and both times got the pop up stating that I could not register for the test... so I'm wondering is this the desired result?.. or is simply too soon to try it?? Is there an approximate amount of time that you need to wait before you can try the trick and attempt to reregister for the test??
    You probably have passed. How long did you wait before you take the Nclex? Good luck!