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    I've been in health care since 1993 and loved being an aid/tech. I decided to go into nursing after the encouragement of other RN's telling me how great I would be. I graduated with honors in Dec. of 2004 and was so excited to start my new career.
    I've been working on a med/surg hospice unit since August 2005. I really thought I had found my calling. Now because of the staffing issues we face daily, we're forced to take 6-7 patients sometimes during the day instead of the 4-5 we were promised when hired.
    I feel overworked, overloaded, abused, tired, stressed, anxious, I have the worst insomnia the night before I know I have to work. I dread having to go to work, I fear the assignment that I will have for the next 12 hours and what mistakes I may accidentally make "today".
    I've always been healthy, but now I've got back problems, fighting a chest cold. I cry almost daily and mostly I feel like I've made a huge mistake becoming a nurse. The pay isn't as great as I thought it would be and especially not for what we're expected to do. Ex....pharmacist, resp therapist, physical therapist, counselor, police officer AND also trying to be a good nurse!
    My former classmates agree with me. I'm so disappointed in myself and nursing as a career over all. Is this what we all went to school for?
    When I am at work, I go on auto-pilot just to get my tasks done, completely ignoring the patients and the families that I used to LOVE taking care of when I was an aide. I'm just so sad and depressed all of the time anymore.
    why don't hospitals see that if they paid their nurses more, they would get more nurses to want to work and keep them happy, improving, getting positive feedback from the families and therefore increasing the revenue of the hospital? WHY DON'T THESE IDIOTS SEE THIS!!!!? THIS IS A NATIONWIDE PROBLEM!!!
    I'd rather work in retail!
    Disgruntled in Ohio....