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    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    NOT WEARING GLOVES????? OMG that is truly disgusting. I would not want to get care there!
    :uhoh21: I would not want to eat with those hands after touching BM!! OH NO!! that probably means they aren't washing up after their OWN bathroom visits either; they aren't scared of the bacteria!!!!!! EDUCATION PLEASE.......

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    I only recommend nursing to mature individuals who don't have a problem with pride or the thought process "what do I get out of this deal". Nursing is a "calling". It isn't glamorous and it is selfless. For the most part, NO, I don't recommend nursing. But it isn't for everyone. A lot of nurses need to find a different job. I am looking forward to nursing being viewed as a profession...we need professional-thinking nurses only.

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    Hi everyone! I just signed on to this site a day or two ago ( I lose track because I work nights...) I am an RN and have been for 4 years. I work Med/Surg/Tele. I love being a nurse!! My interests are reading (mysteries and medical) and cats. I stole my screen name from my cat. She is always here chewing on me or the desk when I am online. Sometimes she gets the urge to type. Hasn't typed anything legible yet, though. Looking forward to conversing with all of you. A big HEY to the bama girl!! I am also (originally....19 years ago...'nuff said).

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    Originally posted by john privett:
    1.i have to stick this up your rectum
    2.i need some of your urine
    3.i'm going to take some of your blood
    4.breathe this in and hold it have to swallow it
    6.i'm going to tie you down, its for your own good
    7.we'll inject this into your body, and then take some pictures'am, i'm going to examine your breasts
    9.i'm going to rub this into your bottom
    10.i didnt like his heart rhythm, so i shocked him
    how about "the next time you have a bowel movement, don't flush so I can look at it."