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    I PASSED the AANP today!!! Thanks for the help and prayers...studied 10 hour a days, but it was worth it.. Now I need to beef up my CV and get a job.

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    I am really getting nervous and spending time trying to memorize the generic names for the brands I can easily recognize.
    I am taking the AANP next week and am trying not to to freak out. I do not want to misuse the time I have left.

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    Hi all,
    Quick question about the AANP test. Does the test show the generic and trade name or just the generic. I am studying for this test and was wondering.

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    Hi,Just received my renewal for my student NP malpractice insurance. Now that I am officially licensed as a NP, I need to pay 800 dollars even if I am working as a RN(ICU). NSO said I need to insure to the highest license held. Is this true?I thought I could revert back to RN malpractice at 100 dollars till I pass boards and get a job. It's very expensive.Gladys