Melbourne is awesome!


I had my first ever trip to Melbourne on the weekend, and have decided to defect there as soon as I graduate. Reasons being:

* Queen Victoria Markets :yeah:(Yes, I admit that this is the main reason I want to go, but have you seen all those cheese shops?)

* Beer is served in pints, not schooners.

* Trams. I heart trams.

* Smaller city and generally more relaxed, less flash than Sydney and with a kind of European feel.

* Cheaper rent means we could afford to live closer to the centre.

All I have to do is convince the other half to feel the same way. My main arguments so far are the olives in QVM and the fact that he can park his motorbike on the pavement. As long as this goes to plan, I'll be seeing all you Melbournites in a few years. :w00t:

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I miss Melbourne. I love it.

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Hope you also like cold wet dreary weather! LOL


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It's only cold and dreary some of the time, Grace, and not that much if you compare it, say, Tassie! Congratulations on your marvellously good taste, frellyou, and welcome in anticipation!

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Now, why did I know you'd say that??? !!!!!! LOL

You'd better be careful baggin' Tassie, Sabby might throw snowballs at you!! lol


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Pfft, I've lived in Ireland, I scoff at drear!

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