when should i meet with the potential universities?

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That I want to apply to for my bsn? Im taking all the pre reqs and core classes at the community college.

Another question is... Are all universities core classes different or the same?

I have not started school yet. Will start this fall.

Schools may have an info session to cover basic info and the application process. So check the school's website for any dates for that. You can also call them to find out if they will be doing something like that. If you have specific questions like about your transcripts then you should schedule an appointment when you think you have enough for them to look over. If you have questions about classes transferring from your CC to the university, then you should tackle that asap before you take a class that doesn't count.

The prereqs can vary from school to school. The big three are usually micro, anatomy, and physiology. But then some schools might also want chem, stats, sociology, psych, etc. You'll even find that schools within the same system will have different prereqs. The prereq info for each school should be on the school's website and/or catalog. So check that.

If what you mean by core classes are nursing classes then no they are not the same from one Universtiy to another. I personally have not heard of any school that will accept another schools nursing class unless you have completed the degree, for example and ADN going for BSN or a BSN going for their masters. If you mean supporting classes such as A&P or Micro then it depends on the school. In my state all the public universities accept each others credits (as far as supporting classes go) where as private usually don't unless you bring a syllabus of the class you took at another school and bring your case before their board of nurses. Hope that helps. Good Luck!!

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Do it as soon as possible call the different university and talk with one of the councilors in there student success center (or whatever they call it on their campus). Depending on the state like here in tennessee if a school takes state funding then they have to accept classes transfered from other schools that accept funding as well no doubling on classes to waste money good luck you'll love it

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By core classes I assume you mean pre-requisites and general education classes. You need to research and set up meetings with each of the universities that you are interested in immediately. Some universities have different pre-requisite requirements that may be very specific. Some schools may not accept certain classes from community colleges; therefore, you may end up having to re-take a course at the university itself.

Honestly, I would always suggest planning way ahead so that you do not end up getting put behind. I would have done resreach before you even started taking courses at the community college.

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