MedStar or Virginia Hospital Center? Pros & Cons


  1. which is better?

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      Medstar WHC
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      Virginia Hospital Center

I would like to know what are the good and bad abt each of these facilities regarding:

Staff and support





If youve had experience at both, which would you recommend??



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Are you talking about Medstar Washington Hospital Center, or any of the Medstar Hospitals? There are also Medstar , Medstar Montgomery, and a variety of Medstar Baltimore hospitals.

I have no experience at Virginia HC, but I have worked at WHC for a few years now. Are you a new grad or experienced nurse? WHC is a fast-paced, inner city hospital. It is a good place to get experience and learn to be thick skinned. The patients (and some staff) can be ghetto, rude, etc. We have some staffing problems but it seems to be getting better. We have a nurses union which is in the middle of trying to get a new contract for us. Lots of drama. On the plus side, the health benefits are really good, and the pay is definitely some of the highest in the area.


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Hi Kenzie,

Thanks for your response!

Yes, I decided to go with Washington Hospital Center. What unit do you work in, if you dont mind me asking?