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Medical Terminology class for OlOLC

dsoginer specializes in Peds and Well baby.

I was looking at the OLOLC website and realized that there is a Medical Terminology class that is needed as a pre-req that I do not have. I do not remember the information package mentioning this class but apparently I missed something. Does anyone know an accredited school where I can find an online Med. Tech class?

I noticed that on one of the documents, but its not on the documents that were sent to us. When I contacted administration, she said that we did not need that class to enter the program. You may want to use the contact e-mail on the website for the accelerated from in New Orleans to double check with her again.

dsoginer specializes in Peds and Well baby.

Thanks serenity, I knew I did not see it on the info packet. I am feeling a bit better. I sent an email to OLOLc asking about this class.

dsoginer specializes in Peds and Well baby.

I heard from OLOLC and was told that it is a misprint. We are to take med. term. during the program

Hey dsoginer, did they happen to mention when the decisions will be made. I don't know about the rest of y'all, but I'm on pins and needles. I wish they would just get on with it already. :uhoh3:

dsoginer specializes in Peds and Well baby.

No, I did not ask in the email whether the decisions have been made, I wanted to but did not

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