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Medical Surgical Resources

by randa77 randa77 (Member)

Hi everyone! I have been browsing a while. :) I am a second semester PN student. I am struggling (passing, but not where I would like to be) in Med-Surg (patho, risk factors, manifestations, diagnostic testing, treatments, nursing care). It is A LOT to remember! Do you have any advice on extra resources to help in my learning?

Thank you!

Hi there! Well, the way I learned was with concept maps (and yes, I can hear the collective groans of people reading this LOL!) I like having ALL of the info one one page. Plus I can fold them up and stuff them in my purse or what-have-you and have all the info I need to study should a few moments of study time graciously make an appearance :) This is the general guideline I use for them. Good luck!

Oh my goodness...I posted a Godzilla of a picture!! I tried to delete the post (or at least the pic!), and I can't get it deleted :nailbiting: Feel free to delete the monstrosity...sorry about that!!

A good NCLEX review book with questions is what I recommend. I use Saunders, and have found it really helpful. The online resources that come with the book have been really helpful when studying for tests.

Med-surg is tough...I just finished my 2nd med-surg quarter ( I am in an RN program) and am quite happy to be done with them! Best of luck!

Thank you both for your responses! I have my final for summer semester tomorrow and another med-surg course that starts Aug 20th. :nailbiting: I am going to continue familiarizing myself with the info over our break.

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what I am loving right now are those little spiral bound "notes" you can buy at bookstore or ebay..

the nclex-rn one is great,,,

med surg is hard, no getting around it though. pay attention to what the nurse would do first for treatment, it's usually in the book.


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There is a great book called straight a's in med Surg it breaks it down and gives five minute facts and then more in depth study. Also the made easy series, med Surg made easy or med Surg demystified also helps