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  1. Silly question perhaps. I am in the need to buy a new stethoscope. I have been working now for a year as a floor nurse and notice the stethoscope I have doesn't work as well as it should. Of course, it doesn't help I have poor hearing. My question is what kind of stethoscope would you recommend. I know everyone's opinions are different but would like to know some top brands or type. Thanks. Michelle
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    I had a classmate with difficulty hearing and she found electronic stethescopes to be quite helpful.

    I also thought they were awesome since the volume could be adjusted and you could really hear what was there.
  5. by   loricatus
    I have a chronic hearing problem that results from allergies and was told that the Littman Master Cardiology has the best acoustics for a non-electronic scope. So far, it works well.
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    Littman classic se2 is the one I use and so do alot of the other nurses on my unit. The price was under $100 for it.
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    I have a littman master classic 2 and it's pretty good, but I read another thread on this topic and a lot of people were recommending ultrascopes, so that is what I'm getting next